Book Review: Every Boy's Got One by Meg Cabot

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NYT Bestselling Author Meg Cabot's book, Every Boy's Got One, is a fun romantic romp conveyed wonderfully through technology and other media.


In our technological age, I love to see authors using the way we communicate to communicate stories. In Every Boy's Got One, NYT Bestselling Author Meg Cabot uses a travel diary, e-mail, and PDA notes to move a romance from cover to cover.
Comic artist Jane Harris is going to Europe to support her best friend's decision to elope. The best man instantly dislikes her -- and the feeling is mutual. But when numerous snags threaten their friends' wedded bliss, they decide to work together to work things out. Hilarity ensues.

Scene Stealing Character

When Jane arrives in Europe, she happens to be greeted by her #1 fan, Peter Schumacher. His listserv messages steal scenes in exuberant, hilarious ways. Not only do Peter's messages to Jane's many fans help move the plot along, but knowledge that she has fans creates a valid stardom that Cal (the best man) cannot help but appreciate.

We Get Pictures!

So I mentioned that Jane is a comic artist, right? And that means, for this book, anyway, that we get pictures!! Not too many, but in adult fiction, a few pictures go a long way. Font changes, crossouts, and tiny envelopes consistent with e-mail notifications help drive the idea that the book is living, breathing, flowing communication. Some may find the all caps and other features of this technique juvenile, but I think it's lovely and works very very well.

Cal Langdon

This is the guy that originally comes across as a jerk. And I know Jane thinks he is a jerk in the beginning. I, however, had more in common with Cal than I did Jane. I think that's another beautiful thing about Cabot's writing -- her ability to develop characters that are very different from each other. There were times that, like Cal, I found Jane too dreamy and wondered if she had any real "worth" in her "profession" -- that is -- until introduced to the superfan. Like Cal, I would have read Jane's "diary." From cover to cover. And I would have made corrections and taken notes.

The Wedding

I half expected the wedding not to happen. I expected all the barriers to convince the couple that they did not need to get married this way, behind everyone's backs. Maybe it's the Cal in me. I'm also not sure I agreed with how quickly the parents came around to the idea of the marriage once they found out. Sure, in books, what works out works out, and sometimes people can't see past the judgements they expect. I'm just glad it worked out in this one.

Wrapping it up

So although I only marginally liked Princess Diaries, I've really enjoyed the adult romances of Meg Cabot. The characters in Every Boy's Got One are complex and rich, the multi-media aspect is refreshing, and the story twists and turns so that you are hanging on for the ride.

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2nd Jun 2013 (#)

Great review... thanks for sharing

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2nd Jun 2013 (#)

Nice review, Phyl - looks new genre keeping up with technology - siva

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