Book Review: Forever My Love By Constance O’Banyon

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The will was about to be read.... her detested cousins didn’t care for her grief but only wanted their grubby hands on her father’s estate. All Royal wanted was to be with Aunt Arabella but her father’s last wish from the grave brought out many stunning controversies.

Forever My Love In A Nutshell

Royal lost her mother when she was two years old, clinging to her loving father was only natural and he became her world, which sadly crumbled when he died twelve years later. Thus began the tussle for her father’s estate by her third cousins, who also wanted to strengthen their hold over her, by marrying her off to their drooling son!

Royal felt she would be better off with her beloved Aunt Isabella, who was her father’s younger sister but relations between them had being strained even before his death. Well everyone gathered to hear the reading of the will, even the handsomely dashing Damon Routhland, who wasn’t even family was summoned to the reading.

Her cousins were surprised but even more angry to learn about the hefty sum, Royal’s father had bequeathed his loyal servants and prayed that he’d left more than enough for them, but they were stunned and downright livid to hear the lawyer say, not a penny would be given to them and worse, the entire estate as well as Royal were under the guardianship of Damon Routhland!

My Thoughts

Royal loved her father and wanted to obey his wishes, even though she thought they were misplaced, going to the same boarding school in England, that her mother had attended was supposed to be like an adventure but it started out to be a miserable experience, for more than half of the students were from the various royal houses, so Royal was always singled out as “that girl” from the colonies.

It was her heroic saving of the lame and distrustful Lady Alissa, that changed Royal’s experiences at this British finishing school, for as they quickly became best pals, Royal’s popularity in the school was ensured.

Royal also had a crush on Alissa’s brother and although he was next in line for a dukeship, he was ready to forfeit it for the love he felt for Royal. Now nineteen and with friends who loved her, Royal no longer felt homesick and had even stopped writing letters to Damon Routhland to send her home, infact it felt like Savannah was on another planet. Royal had learned a lot in her 5years stay in England, she didn’t yearn for home anymore, she felt and wanted England to be her home forever.

I wasn’t surprised when she began to support England’s cause for the war, Royal didn’t understand why her native Americans, weren’t grateful to the English both for their kindness and leadership, she even felt that “the American’s” actions were treasonable.

While on an envoy to procure solutions for the America war, Lord Preston was captured and inbetween all that, his brother also dies in a hunting accident making him the next duke. Knowing that this would be a stake in the rebels cause to have a Duke for captive.

The dowager duchess loved Royal and even treated her like her own daughter but she didn’t think that Royal was a suitable bride for her son, especially when he was next in line for the dukedom. Well she quickly changed her mind, when Lord Preston was captured and enlisted Royal's aid, urging her to help free her only son from the rebels, aah... the many trials of a mother’s love, one would say.

As for Royal, she thought she was in love and wanted to do all, to help save Lord Preston, so she journeys back to the land of her birth, only to see all in a new light and though she was still willing to save the Duke, her rising attraction to Damon Routhland was getting in the way and he claimed not to recall who she was.

Royal also finally realized, that her people’s fight for liberation and freedom was no longer treasonable but a noble cause.


Arabella was a beautiful but rather vain successful globe trotting actress, she loved her niece and believed she was the best guardian for Royal but her brother thought otherwise when he was alive and even moreso from the grave, mainly because he didn’t like her character. Royal’s father was sure that his sister didn’t have the staying power, nor would she be a suitable chaperon for his daughter.

I didn’t quite get all the negatives from Royal’s father at first but it all later became clear.
Arabella thought that if her brother didn’t approve of her job, then Damon Routhland’s reputation was definitely worse than hers, he was a well known rake and philanderer who constantly preyed on the innocent.

Arabella had also had a past affair with Damon, though then their roles were reversed and she had being the one who had preyed on his innocence. She recalled that just when she’d had enough of him, he came and proposed to her.
Which made her see the reasons why, he wouldn’t release Royal’s guardianship to him, Damon Routhland was out for revenge to make her pay for rejecting him.

Damon Routhland

Damon’s crush on Arabella and her rejection was painful at the time but to Damon at present it was really just a youthful thing, which to him had being forgotten eons ago. As for his infamous reputation, that was merely fiction than fact, which he chose to let the rumor mill carry on, so that hopeful mamas would turn their simpering daughters away from his seeming clutches, well it now looked bad on his guardianship scorecard!

The fact that he didn’t want the job was obvious, more so since it was on a legal hitch, Royal was to be the ward of his father but since they both had the same names and he also inheriting his father’s estate, well all status had to remain, even if he didn't like it.
But after seeing the greed of Royal’s cousins first hand, as well as realizing that Arabella’s “love” wasn’t going to be enough, Damon’s conscience was pricked and he decided to help Royal.

He also wasn’t entirely to blame when things became hot between them, he hadn’t seen Royal for 4years, she didn’t formerly introduce herself when they met. It was a very dangerous game she played, coming to him with that subtle deliberate yet innocent seduction, that drove away all his sanity but even when she finally told him, he still couldn't let go.

Still though, I found it very hard to believe that he couldn’t recognize Royal at all, I mean it was only just four years.

Ezekiel The Hero

Ezekiel Elman was the embodiment of a man, who was close to eighty but still as spry and sharp as a man in his youth, without his efforts Damon alone wouldn’t have being able to save Royal, from the murdering clutches of Murdock the rebel.

But my mouth was literally open, as I read the text to that page, it showed Ezekiel rolling on the ground and firing at the enemy, all at the same time and without a care in the world, he was my hero in this book.... A hero at eighty?!!!

Memorable Texts

  • “You are going to have a difficult time here Royal Bradford. You must remember on the days that are the darkest, the sun will be shinning somewhere in the world.

  • “My papa often told me that to have friend, you have to be a friend.

  • “I’m just a woman Mr. Elman and I don’t claim to know what makes a war. Why will a man fight over this bit of land or that bit of land? Why can’t we all live together in harmony?“

Photo Credits & Articles

Thanks to Jim Surkamp, Brent Moore, Kathleen, Suvi Korhonen, F. D. Richards and Eric Christensen for all their photos.

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