Book Review: Into the Garden by V.C. Andrews

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At the end of the sessions with Dr. Marlowe the girls decide to get together and talk about one last secret, one that they had not even told the good doctor about. This is the story of how they fix the problem of one of the girls.

The first meeting of Orphans with Parents

The story is told by Cat, who had recently found out that her sister had adopted her and she was the daughter of their mother. She was the one person who could tell this story because it had to do with her and her life.

The girls called and invited her to Jade's house in Beverly Hills, and her mother/sister forbid her to go to the meeting. She went anyway because these were her only friends and she needed to belong with other girls her age. While there she went to Jade's private room with Jade, Misty and Star, and decided they would tell their secrets to each other. Cat told them about her mother being her sister and everyone decided they would find out as much about her past as they could. Cat also promised that she would search her home for more information about who she was and who her parents were.

The return home from Jade's House

Once Cat got home and was abused physically by her mother/sister, she decided that she would find out more about herself. Cat discovered her mother had gone to bed and went to the attic to look for clues about her birth and to discover for her self what her mother was hiding. When she got there she found old letters from her real mother that confirmed what her adopted mother/sister told her was the truth. She also found baby clothes and furniture from her real mother that she never got to use or see. On her way down from the attic, she heard her mother remove the ladder and tell her to stay up there. However Cat had no intention of staying in the attic, she jumped down and hurt herself, and she was taken to the hospital.

After Cat's fall

When she returned from the hospital she was even more determined to find out who she was, but with her cast and crutches she would have to wait till she was better. She told her mother she would not eat or drink anything until she was allowed to talk to her friends. Her mother/sister told Cat that their real mother was a whore and that she had many suitors, Cathy should not concern herself with the past. After an argument and an impromptu visit from the OWP, Cat was sent up to her bedroom and her mother locked the door, so that she could not get out. Cat went to sleep and when she woke, she found it was later in the evening and her room door was unlocked.Cat walked through her house searching for her mother/sister, only to find that she was dead. Cat called Jade.

The Death of Her Mother

When Jade and the rest of the girls got to Cat's house, they discussed what would be the next step. They discovered that Cat would have no place to go and no family to go to, so they decide to bury her in the backyard and turn the house into a clubhouse. When that was completed the girls came up a plan which would be Cat's life for the time being.

Letters, Shopping and a Break in

The death of her mother/sister was a shock to Cat, but she still wanted to know about her other family, her real mother and father and so she sent Misty to get the letters her mother had written to her. She also decided that the house needed some changes to facilitate the club and her new life without her mother/sister. Cat went up to her mother's room in search of her mother's credit card, she found a letter that her real mother had written that told Cat that her mother slept with a man that her sister/mother had loved. She wondered who that man was.

Cat and her friends went shopping to change the house and herself, they also bought some plants and trees to make certain that no one would find her mother's grave in the back yard. When they were done, Misty stayed the first night with her and they read another of her real mother's letters. The next day they decided that they would turn her mother's room into a ceremonial room for the club. While they tore the room apart they found her mother's secret stash of undergarments, her collection of dirty books and a safe. The safe contained money, her real mother's jewelry and a birth certificate that said that her mother/ sister was adopted by her real mother.

The next night Cat went to Star's grandmothers house to eat dinner and to stay the night, however during the night Star's real mother returned and the entire house went into panic mode. Cat and Star went back to her house because they did not want to fight with Star's mother. Upon returning they noticed that someone had broken into the house and stole her mother's safe. She was very upset about it but she knew her father had come back and that he was unhappy.

Misty's Father's Wedding

The girls decided that they would all go to her father's wedding to another woman in fairy costumes, which Misty was sure that her father would hate. Misty wanted all of the people there to be afraid of Cat and the other girls and she wanted to ensure that no one enjoyed her father's wedding. When they left the wedding her father was mad, his new wife was unhappy and she was extremely happy. Afterwards they went to a Rave club and danced the night away.

The First Party and the New Boy

The girl decided it was time to have their first party and they each decided on boys they would bring, however Cat had a blind date because she did not know any boys. Cat was introduced to Stuart, the cousin of Jade's date, who she promptly fell in love with. Cat found out that her father was following them everywhere they went and it scared her. So Cat decided to tell Stuart what happened to her mother and what her father had done to her. He was good while the other girls were there and he listened to them tell him their story, however once they left he told Cat that she needed to turn herself in and he would be there for her. If Cat chose not to he could not see her anymore as he had his own family to consider, but he promised he would keep her secret. She had found love and now she watched it walk away from her.

Cat's Father

Cat's father made a nuisance of himself, he took pictures of the party that Cat had, he followed her to the beach while she was on a date with Stuart and he called to scare Cat, Then he went to the house he once shared with Cat and her mother Geraldine, and kidnapped her. He took her to his new boat that he bought to share with her, He made Cat put on sexy lingerie and made ready to have sex with her. Then there was a knock at the door and a rush of footsteps and the police came in and saved her. The girls had called Dr. Marlowe who came to her rescue.

The Ending

Cat's father confessed what he had done to her mother/sister, and Dr Marlowe became her legal guardian, Jade mother and father divorced, and Jade had to adjust to her father's new life. Misty father broke up with his new wife before the year was done. Star and Larry were married when school was over Jade, Misty and Cat went off to college. The friends would give up the group and spend the rest of their lives being friends.

This book was very interesting as each girl has her part in it. The divorces and the stress of each divorce brought them closer together and they learned that the friendships that they made with each other made each one of them happy for the time that they were together.


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