Book Review: Jade by V.C. Andrews

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This book is the 3rd book in the 5 part series about the Wildflowers, it is also one of the books which introduces and explains why one of these young girls is going through the problems that include the divorce of their parents. This one is about Jade.

Getting to Know Jade

Jade is a young woman who was named because her eyes were a beautiful color of Jade green. She is also the daughter of a wealthy architect and a wealthy sales manager for a large corporation. She is spoiled and extremely rich, but she does not act as though those things affect who she is or what she wants out of life. Her perfect life would come tumbling down when her mother and father decide to get a divorce and she became a prize that neither of them wanted to give up. She would notice that she really did not have a life that anyone would want nor need and she would spend her life in pain.

Jade's Problem

Jade's main problem is not that her parents did not want her, but that they did want her and were willing to fight each other to the death to get her. Her mother said her father did not spend any time with her and that he did not love her the way she did, which Jade thought was funny because her mother did not spend any more time with her than her father did. Jade's father said her mother was selfish and that she did not want her because her career was more important than Jade was, but Jade thought that her father was as selfish as her mother and Jade felt he spent as much time at building his career as her mother did. The judge who would be choosing who she would live with would have a time figuring out who she should live with because she did not want to live with either of her parents.

Jade's Boyfriend

Jade did not have a regular boyfriend, she had a friend who was online. His name was Craig Bennet, and she started to have real feelings for him. He had sent her pictures of himself and she sent hers to him. She felt that if she did ever run away from her parents she would run to him, which is exactly what she did. However, he turned out to be a crazy man who thought she was his ex-wife who had left him, and he wanted to keep her forever locked in his house. She escaped his home by tricking him into opening his front door and running by him. When she went back home, she noticed that her mother and father were still on their business trips and neither had even known that she was gone. She still felt so alone, until her mother and father were eating and she told them that it happe

The Ending

When she went to see the judge she told him that she did not care which of her parents she went home with and she told him that neither of her parents where around for her that much. After leaving the judge's office she went home and thought of all that she had told the judge and thought about what her parents would say, then she took a whole bottle of sleeping pills that were in her mother's room. She was taken to the hospital where she was saved. Afterwards her mother and father told her that they would share custody and they treated each other much better. Her father even started designing his own house. While she was not happy that her mother and father were getting the divorce she was happy that she now felt like she was being treated like a daughter. However, she still felt like an orphan with parents.


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