Book Review: Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts

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This story was told by an old man who is telling it about vampires and the forces that come together to save humanity from them. This review will explain how this all started. This book is the first in The Circle Trilogy.

The Beginning

The story begins with an old man's decision to tell the story to the young, a story which is not your normal story, but a story that would teach them courage, love and fear.

The book starts in the year 1128, with a man named Hoyt Mac Cionaoith, the sorcerer and a beautiful woman, or what was once a woman having a heated argument. She had killed his brother and changed him into a vampire, his twin brother Cian. The vampire's name was Lilith and she was trying to kill Hoyt. The way she had taken his now undead brother that he loved, now Lilith was trying to take him out as well. She even used his brother to try to take his life. Hoyt and his brother fought and Hoyt threw his brother over a cliff.

Hoyt crawled away from the cliff, beaten and shattered and went home where he slept. When he woke, he met with the goddess Morrigan; she told him, that five others would be gathered to fight the demon army. These six would make up a circle and they would fight at Samhain (the Celtic Festival at the end of summer), in the future, a thousand years.

The Cross

Hoyt told Morrigan that he could not fight until his family was protected. Morrigan designed seven crosses for his family to protect them from the vampires. He would leave them and then be shipped through time one thousand years, but his family would be safe.

During his return from the country house back to the Mac Cionaoith land, he was told to go to a well and create a circle, because he was in so much pain from the fight with Lilith and Cian and he would not make it home before night fall. He was dying till the witch showed up and did her healing magic on him.

When he returned home, he told his family all that happened and explained that they must wear the cross. Then he left to go to the Dance of the gods, which took him into the future and his brother, the vampire.

Hoyt's Twin Brother

Hoyt was transported one thousand years into the future, to his brother's offices in New York, his undead brother that he pushed from the cliff, his twin. Hoyt told his brother about his mission and his need for the others who would help him accomplish the task, such as the scholar, the witch, the one of many forms and the warrior. Cian said yes and Hoyt was relieved. His brother who was so much like him except for his hair was shorter and he moved differently than Hoyt did. They would need to pack and travel to Ireland, his brothers friend would come along. King was the biggest black man that Hoyt ever saw, so Hoyt was sure that King was the warrior of the group.

The Witch

Glenna met Hoyt in the past, in a dream that happened to be real. Then she went to the bar that Cian owned in search for Hoyt. She found him and he told her she saw the witch that Morrigan had told him about. She spent the night in Cian's apartment then the next day she returned home to get her stuff for the trip. Glenna and Hoyt tried to visit Lilith's home through a magic spell, thinking they would get in and out quickly, without her noticing. However, they were wrong, Lilith knew they were watching her and she did not like it. They returned to their bodies in Glenna's apartment and finished packing her stuff, then they returned to Cian's apartment. Then the three of them went to Ireland in Cian's private jet plane.

Returning Home

Once they landed in Ireland, they drove to Cian's place that he kept in this beautiful place. Hoyt was surprised that the home was his own house. After a thousand years it still stood and was now his brother's home. He found the tower and went to his old work room, Hoyt was happy and he curled up and fell asleep. He learned from Morrigan in his sleep, that the others of the six would come and that he would build his army to take down the Army of Lilith.

Moira and Larkin

Moira stood speaking to the goddess Morrigan, who told her that she must leave her people and go to the land where she would train, with the person she trusted the most. Larkin was a shapeshifter and the cousin of Moira, and he would travel through the Dance to protect her as he was the person she trusted the most. When they returned to their home land, she would become the queen and go to battle with Lilith, until then she would learn to fight.

When they came through the Dance, they were attacked by vampires, Larkin and Moira fought bravely and just when they thought they were going to die along came Cian who killed the vampires, behind him came Glenna and Hoyt and as the three men fought of the vampires the women watched. When they finally won the fight and got back to Cian's place, Moira learned who each of them were and what they were supposed to do. Moira also learned that her hero Cian was a vampire, the same evil that had killed her mother and was now fighting with her to destroy Lilith the vampire.

The Witch and the Sorcerer fall in love

Hoyt and Glenna had so much in common, but it wasn't just that, she was a beautiful woman and he was a good man. Now that she had found him and he had found her, they found that not only did they find love but they found that together their power was much stronger than it had been normally. When they designed the crosses as a symbol and when they made love they heated up so much that they would make light.

Talking to King

Moira sat in the library when King came in and she decided that it was time to get to know him. She explained to him about the fight that Cian and Hoyt had, he listened and thought that it was good that they made up. Then she told him about the beginning of the vampire through the legends that she discovered in the books in Cian's library. King then told her about meeting Cian who was his mentor, who had raised him and treated him like a son. He had given him a life, and an education, King owed him his life and Cian was grateful to him for being a brother to him for many years, but King was still human and Moira was confused about his connection with the big man named King.

Someone knocked on the door and Glenna answered, King went running to save her and the vampire had pulled her out of the door by her hair. He ran outside to save her and the vampires grabbed him and put him in a van. Glenna cried out and everyone in the house came to her rescue with Moira saving her, but they had King and now he was gone.

King returned as a vampire and tried to take down Glenna and Cian who were talking in the kitchen, however he spoke to Cian who killed him and told Glenna and the others that it was not their fault that he had died and that none of them could bring him back. Cian blamed Lilith and he said he would kill her for taking away his friend.

Blair Murphy

Blair came with lightening behind her as the others were training with Cian, they were learning combat and he was winning. Blair thought they were fighting the enemy and came in to kill him, however the others stopped her and spoke well of Cian, so she did not kill him. The woman was a warrior and must better than any of them were, she was the true warrior and the goddess Morrigan had sent her.

Blair opened her mind to the sorcerer and to the group of five strangers and they saw that she was who she said that she was. They offered her a cross and she told them that she had the cross that she had inherited. Hoyt looked at it and saw that it belonged to his younger sister as he had written on hers, and he knew instantly that he was related to Blair and that she was his sisters offspring.

Blair was chosen to train them and to fight with them by Morrigan, and after they trained she taught them more about their weaknesses and their strengths.


The six were now chosen and Lilith was the enemy, she was more than two thousand years old and she was evil, truly evil. Her army was coming to Geall, to destroy all that was good in all the worlds, but the six were chosen. She had done a lot to them and even caused them to kill the one called King,who she changed to a vampire and who was supposed to be their warrior. But he was not their warrior and Lilith was very angry about them, she would shake everyone up some and get them to not trust each other was her thought. She would take down the entire world on Samhain and she would enjoy making all six of them, her slaves.

The Closing

During the closing of this book, Hoyt and Glenna decide to get married, everyone gets excited about something so human happening. However the vampires came with their human hostages and decided to make a nuisance of themselves. They fought and killed thirty of the vampires, the human hostages turned out to be vampires as well, so they killed them too. Then they finished the wedding while they worked at healing their wounds from the first real battle.

Then the little old man who was telling this fabulous tale ended it for the night and the children each were angry but they would have to wait till tomorrow to hear the rest. This book was a fabulous start to a great Nora Roberts tale and it had all the makings of a fantastic vampire story.

Read the next part of the series called The Dance of the Gods.


Book Review, Morrigans Cross, Nora Roberts

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