Book Review: Numerology your key to SUCCESS, by Thomas Muldoon

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Numerology is said to be a science of your inner numbers. Is it just a pseudo-science, or not though?

The author of this book has been practising numerology for over forty years, and he believes in the truth that it reveals through an in-depth study of its methods.

Truth is always truth, and so he might just be right about that, that is if what numerology comes up with is part of your own truth too.

Read this book and see if what he says here aligns to what you think that your own truth is.

The author, and his book. A little bit about both.

The author of this book, Thomas Muldoon is a master numerologist.

He has a private practice, as well as he conducts courses, and gives lectures on this subject of Numerology. He has appeared many times as a guest speaker on various TV shows here in Australia.

The author also practises Astrology, and Tarot.

This writer has some interesting ideas about how life works too.

In his opening remarks, he says that your time of death in one life becomes your time of birth in the next. In other words, he thinks that your life is a continuously uninterrupted one.

There is no time when you (your soul) are not within a body of some type, or another. This soul has always existed, and will always continue to exist, he thinks. Its (our souls) experiences within physical existence, or lives, feeds our souls, he claims. This outer fuel allows us to inwardly grow in spirit.

Your physical body is the vehicle for your soul to inhabit, and your soul in a similar way is a vehicle for the spirit. The catch is though, your soul can only reach this spirit via the physical.

The author tells us that success is related to timing, and that timing is related to numbers, hence numerology tells us, or forecasts for us what is likely to take place in our lives within time.

And yet numerology is not really about forecasting the future at all. It is more to this author about increasing your own self-awareness of these possible futures for you, right now, in the now of this now!

Here is an interesting quote from the author to finish up this section with.

(This particular quote is not from this book being reviewed here, but he does talk about the meaning of house numbers in this book too.)

“Always keep in mind, the house, town, city, country you live chose you (for the want of a better expression) and the life you live is the life you chose. When you come to understand this concept you'll come to understand the meaning of free will versus predestination, for we are all 'fated' in one way or another, yet we all possess free will.”

“The house or apartment of where you live, even the block of land - chose you! That's right, even though you might think you chose where you live, it chose you...”

Senryu: About numbers

Chance, for a reason?
Numerology reveals,
truth is always truth.

Different systems come up with similar answers. All systems of divination sees the same truths

“Like the number nine
eternity is forever mine”

This quote is from Kenneth G. Ortiz, an American writer, and poet.

There is something very special about this number, and numerology thinks so too.

The author of this book seems to use his own methods of working out your important numerology numbers. He says that there are as many different systems as there are numerologists.

At least, they were different ones than which I had come across before. To calculate your name number (your personality number) based on the letters in your name, he only uses the numbers from 1 to 8. Most people these days use the numbers 1 to 9.

I researched this though, and apparently he is using an older method for doing this, called the Chaldean system. The system I know is called the Pythagorean system, which was created by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who lived in the 6th century BC.

The Pythagorean method uses letters converted using the numbers 1 to 9. The Chaldean system uses letters converted using the numbers 1 to 8. There are no letters assigned to number 9 in Chaldean numerology. (Number nine is said to hold a special power of its own, and is not used in these calculations)

Chaldea was the name of a place. The Chaldean Empire was situated near the Persian Gulf, and which we now call South Iraq & Kuwait.

Chaldean numerology though is often said to be the most accurate Alpha-Numerology system in the world.

Do numbers mean anything in relation to love? Is there any underlying real sense in numerology, and does it hold any aspects of real truth in it, or not?

The connectiveness of parts of the whole are connected in various dependencies relating to their karmic conditions and attachment or debts. This means that karma works according to law or to numerical precision, and so divinitive arts such as numerology and astrology, all they really ever do is to predict the way karma will play out in your life, that is when you still have some of this karma.

Love itself, being infinitely one, has no rules, and within love all of the numbers are all present, but they are also unaccountably lost, disconnected in every way, whilst remaining still connected intimately at the same time, as well. There are no numerology rules that work with love. Nothing predictable is possible.

Nothing inherently pretentious (i.e. nothing of real lasting value can be ever fully obtained through following, or more being forced to follow rules, laws, other's guidelines, or other people's instructions for you) can be worked out through laws, which only govern things working with a level of non-optimum love, or operating from a lesser level of love, because of a refusal to accept love fully, or from you not abiding by its choices for you, which then incurs karma for you, because you are then indebted to love, in that it has sent you a lesson, but you have ignored it, and so as a result of this, it will extract a price of karma, attaching it onto you.

(I wonder how much karma I made from writing such a long sentence as that last one!!)

Love will assign a karma coin to you, so that when the lesson comes to you again, this karmic coin will pay for it so to speak, and then it will be really spent, that is if you then spend it wisely, rather than your gambling it away, through fearing the lessons of love, or being afraid of establishing, or adding a greater “wisdomed” learning approach, of deeper “understandingment” to your life.

The guy (the author that is), like me, is an individual, and his unique ideas about spirituality, numerology, and the way that the world works, shine through brightly, throughout all of his book.

Do your numbers just come up by chance, or is something else making them come up in that way?

Your numbers bring awareness to you, but you must still live your life!

“With awareness come responsibility and choice.”

This quote is from the Canadian journalist and humanitarian, Amanda Lindhout.

The numbers might help you to grow in awareness, but the choices in your life are not made by the numbers for you, or are they?

Does our life choose us, or do we choose it? Who, or what really determines what day we are born on?

All choice is not choice.

This means that oneness is just forever just forever just being forever itself.

Oneness itself never chooses. All things just take place within its sphere, and yet each part chooses for itself to either play its part or not, but its part remains its part, whether it plays it or not.

This is the paradox of all happening without choice within choice.

The author of this book uses another very simple calculation to work out your birth number. All you need do is to sum the digits of your actual birth-date to come up with this number.

For example, someone born on the 15 of the month, any month that is, simply has the birth number 6. (i.e. 1 +5 = 6).

Most of the rest of his book is compiled of a list of the qualities, characteristics, and weaknesses of each number, associated to that number, listed by chapter against that particular number.

For example, number 6 people are arty people. Generally they are usually well-liked.

These people are usually too conventional in their approach to life. They are often an intuitive person though, who could develop psychic abilities, if they more fully embrace their spiritual side.

The author devotes another chapter to listing the connections of astrology to numerology. Numerology is about analysing and finding out who you are. Astrology to this guy is about how you go about expressing , or actually living who you are.

Numerology like mathematics is a heady science. Astrology, he things is more practically useful in a real way, linking the science of numbers to the emotional literacy of astrological calculations.

He assigns us all another type of number in this chapter which he calls your astrological number. This number depends on your star sign.

This author has written many articles for the internet too. He also has his own blog, but you need to be a member to access it.

Here is a link to an interesting article of his on, “House Numbers: Their Hidden Meaning–A Brief Synopsis.”

The author, Thomas Muldoon, began practising numerology in Australia in the early 1970’s.

Thomas uses many different modalities to help his clients achieve their goals.

As well as Numerology, he also is well-versed in both Tarot & Astrology.

He uses all of these as tool for transformation, self-awareness, personal development and self-discovery.

As well as the book being reviewed here, he is also the author of three other books.

His personal motto is this one: "If you cannot have fun with your subject, you shouldn’t be doing it."

Read this book, you will learn a lot from it.

The book has 191 pages, and this copy was published by G & O Publishing partners in 1998, in Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

Excellent review my dear Spirited, will you do my book too, is about soccer, cheers!

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author avatar spirited
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

thanks Fern,

like wine, soccer and such sports are not a part of my knowledge base.

I wouldn't know where to start. Expert wine connoisseurs like you would only laugh at my attempts...LOL

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author avatar brendamarie
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

Very, interesting article Spirited. I agree with some point and not with other. Sounds like a very interesting book. I did check out the the article about house numbers.

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author avatar spirited
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

thanks brendamarie.

I do not agree with what he said about the death date being the new birth date really either.

He is presupposing only Earth-based incarnations.

I believe we might spend time in other dimensions perhaps before we take on another
Earthly role here.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

Maybe, spirited, the author is trying to express the truth that 'life' is never over: going in the instant of your death from a physical body to an astral body would show this continuity. Maybe he thinks life on earth is all there is, hence his mistaken concept. As I demonstrated in my page above David Wilcock perhaps being Edgar Cayce reincarnated, the 9th cusp is the death point in one life and the conception point in another. But these two events do not have to be continous, or even consecutive. Life does continue, but sometimes it is outside of time.

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author avatar spirited
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks Christopher,

Yes, I think that's what he meant, life is never over, we are always alive as our soul in one way or another.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

*about* David Wilcock

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author avatar Carol Roach
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

I could never figure numerology out.

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author avatar spirited
3rd Oct 2015 (#)

Numbers: You either love them or hate them, I guess, thanks Carol

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author avatar Kingwell
3rd Oct 2015 (#)

While I have a healthy respect for numerology, I have never been good with numbers. I have been told however, that I am a number 9. I'm no expert on the subject but I somehow feel that there is an interval between lives. Another good one spirited. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
3rd Oct 2015 (#)

thanks Kingwell,

I feel there is time between lives to reassess the one we have just gone through with new insights to it being supplied by our soul, and other helpers out there for us.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting Spirited, but I do have much faith in numerology though I have seen some getting obsessed with it.

You have done an in depth review and that more than satisfies my curiosity about this subject! siva

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Oct 2015 (#)

It should be "I do not have" - siva

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author avatar spirited
5th Oct 2015 (#)

thanks siva,

sometimes its better to go our own way than that of those numbers!!

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