Book Review: Of Mice and Men

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Like a father like a son, this time like a review like a book. Reading Of Mice and Men and you will never stop till it's finished.

Book Review: Of Mice and Men

Do you wonder if you could read a story about two friends of different behaviours? Then Of Mice and Men is meant for you. Written by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men is a historical fiction published by the Penguin Books in 1997. This book tells a tale of two friends, George and Linnie. The blurb describes the characters by saying, "George is a small, quick and dark of face while Linnie is a huge man with the mind of a young child."

These two characters work as farm labours in Califonia during the Depression period in America. They have quit their previous work place because Linnie was accussed of rape after he removed a woman's dress. Although Linnie is the whole problem, George still takes care of him as he promised his aunt to take good care of him.

On their way to their new work place, George tells Linnie not to talk too much so that people should not realise how dumb he is. At their new work place, they dream of owning their own land and keeping rabbits, which was Linnie's potential in life. What happens next? Does Linnie keep the agreement in his dumb head? Do they achieve their dream? Will George coupe with Linnie for ever?

In this book, John Steinbeck shows as how best we can take care for our friends even if we can do better than them. It also gives us knowledge on how people lived during the Depression. I would recommend this book to everyone who is hungry of reading best books because this one is more than best.


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

I read this book when I was in HS, too. Not a bad review. Thanks for sharing.

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