Book Review: Readings from Gandhi

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This article talks about a little known book written by Gandhi himself.

It will speak volumes to anyone who will read it. Try to find a copy of it, and spend an hour or two, with this great man. You will not be sorry that you did so.

Gandhi, the man

Mahatma Gandhi, (1869 to 1948) lived a long life in search of the truth. His real name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

This little book has been compiled by two editors, Krishna Kripalani and Mahendra Meghani.

It is the life and thoughts of this great religious and political figure, written in his own words. It was this great man that led India to its independence in a way that perhaps nobody else could have ever done

All of his life Gandhi was passionate about the truth. He equated truth with beauty and love.

Here is just one of his many quotes about love.

"Where there is love there is life."

He also said this about the truth:

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth."

You can find this quote, and many more of his other quotes here.

This little gem of a book deserves to be on every person's book shelf

At first thought, we might ask ourselves this question:

What has truth got to do with beauty?

The truth is beautifully rendered from love. God is love, and his beauty together with all of his heavenly angels is sublime.

Truth is beautiful to the person who sees such intimate beauty in all things. This makes truth real for him, or her.

This was how Gandhi saw the truth. He knew that real beauty was not just skin deep. It must shine forth from our soul.

Gandhi saw beauty in truth, or through truth.

He believed the truth was beautiful, and that whenever you could see truth's beauty, only then could the true art arise from within you.

Gandhi was a humble man, a humble seeker after this truth for all of his life.

Gandhi maintained that if you sought truth first, all else would be added unto you.

This sentiment of course comes from something that Jesus Christ himself said.

Jesus said,

"Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

This quote come for the Christian bible. It is from Saint Matthew's gospel, chapter 6, and verse 33.

More about this little book

This book was written in 1969.

Many different areas of thought are covered here.

Gandhi writes here about the need for self-discipline.

Truth is only found when we walk its narrow path. It takes such discipline to do so. We should be disciplined enough not to stray off from the path to truth.

Gandhi thought that someone who wants to realise the truth must be completely free of anger, lust, greed, attachment, pride, and lastly but by no means least, of fear.

A fearful person never finds truth.

God manifests himself through such a truthful person as this.

Gandhi achieved much by silence. He knew that if he silenced his own reactive mind's responses, he would begin to hear the truth, as it lived in him within his own heart of love.

Gandhi was ahead of his time in much of the way that he thought. He respected women, and he knew that many women are far stronger than any man could ever be. They have a strong will made strong by self-sacrifice.

This little book only has 92 pages in it, but it says so much more in these few pages.

Ahimsa, or non-violence, is the practice of love, according to this mighty man. I for one agree with him.

Read this book, it will change your life.

Here is a final quote from Gandhi. It is a well-known one, but how so true it is.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd May 2014 (#)

thank you for seeing another great man doing great deeds...

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author avatar spirited
2nd May 2014 (#)

thanks carolina,

he was certainly a great man indeed! Courageous in his determination.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd May 2014 (#)

Thanks Spirited. Nelson Mandela was influenced by Gandhi too and was not vengeful - he knew an eye for eye will make the whole world blind. Gandhi was a man of the moment and the world will be a much better place if our leaders practiced what they preach - be the change that they wish to see in the world - siva

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author avatar spirited
2nd May 2014 (#)

thanks siva,

Gandhi believed that religion should not be separate from politics

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author avatar Kingwell
2nd May 2014 (#)

Thank you spited. I too have always admired Gandhi and I'm sure that his idea of religion would be good for politicians everywhere - however religion that is preached and not practiced elects many a bad politician. I would like to read the book ou mention. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
2nd May 2014 (#)

Yes, religion requires action not just thoughts.

The bible says we are known by our actions not our thoughts,

thanks Kingwell

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author avatar C.D. Moore
3rd May 2014 (#)

Well done! An interesting and enjoyable read about a great man.

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author avatar spirited
3rd May 2014 (#)

thanks C.D. Moore.

It's always enjoyable to read about great people's lives I think.

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