Book Review: The Hunter and the Witch by Rachel Chanticleer

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Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Word Count: 9,240
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.97 out of 5 stars
My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Enslaved by the heartless witch Helena, Lucius is helpless

Since ancient Rome, Lucius has been forced to kill innocent witches to help his mistress gain more power. Over the centuries, Lucius forced himself to bury his humanity to stay sane.
But when Beth, a young witch in modern day New Orleans, fights back, that long-buried part of him resurfaces. Lucius spared Beth's life once, but he knows he can't protect her forever. But he'll do whatever it takes to keep Beth away from Helena as long as possible.

Cheers to what could have been!

This story could have been so good. And honestly, it was amazing for most of it.

Lucius is sexy as hell and certainly a sympathetic character. Unlike many short stories, I was actually able to get attached to him pretty quickly. He's just a good guy put in a tough place by his owner. But he's sympathetic without being totally helpless, and I love that.

Despite having little pull with Helena, Lucius is at least able to keep the witches from being tortured before being killed. He's also smart enough to keep Helena away from Beth for four years.

Beth, as little as we see her, is a developed character with a full backstory. She's smart and strong, and the chemistry between her and Lucius is strong.

Too bad they didn't have a real love story.

Now drown your sorrows from a WTF ending

The ending is the only reason why this wasn’t a 5 star story. But it’s so bad that I had to knock a star and a half off because of it.

It’s totally inconsistent with the rest of the story.

Beth’s an inexperienced witch. Despite having a lot of power, she can’t use it at will and doesn’t even consider herself a witch, just someone with strange abilities.

Apparently these powers include making miracles out of thin air, because on the night Helena tries to attack her, she suddenly knows how to use her power and can beat the world’s most powerful witch— a 2,000 years of experience— in an anticlimactic 15 minute fight.

I didn’t know life worked like that. I guess I could have learned Chinese by wanting it enough. What was I doing, studying those characters all those years?

Even if she had been practicing everyday since she discovered her powers four years ago, she still wouldn’t have been able to beat Helena. Beth still hadn’t recieved any formal training and still would have only four years worth of practice compared to 2,000 years.

Beth’s attitude towards Lucius is also a mystery. Sure, he did try to kill her the first time they met. I understand she might be angry then.

However for four years, she constantly “dreamed” about him, knowing they were psychic connections instead of dreams. Not only did she know that he cared about her and longed for her, but that he didn’t even want to kill her that night.

But the next time they meet, she attacks him without letting him get a full sentence out. This is when she magically gets control of her powers, too. And even her wariness here I can forgive. Psychic dreaming isn’t exactly a reliable source.

Then Helena shows up and makes it clear that Lucius betrayed her for Beth. Beth understands this and knows Helena is the real threat. Commence forgettable battle with miracle ending.

Beth’s still mad at Lucius.

Why? What possible reason does she have? Oh, right. None.

The ending was so rushed and just so wrong that it was worth a star and a half. Which is too bad because this could have been a 5 star story. Easily.

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