Book Review: The Privateer By Dawn Mactavish

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From grace to ashes, Lady Lark Eddington knew the taste, she was suffering for her father’s sin, she desperately needed a knight and then he appeared looking like a pirate, complete with eye patch and all.

The Privateer In A Nutshell

Lady Lark Eddington couldn’t seem to wake up from this nightmare, her father had plunged the family straight from nobility into obscurity. First he indebted them with his gambling and then brought about another scandal, when he took his own life. What happened next was that Lark was ejected from the only home she ever knew, shackled and taken straight to the debtor’s prison.

To add to her nightmare, her jailer keeps assuring Lark that Marshalsea was better than most prisons, and even if there was the slightest truth in that, Lark knew there was no way in the world that she would settle down, nor ever envision her life in prison forever but with no money and shunned by the “ton” Lark was forced to face the truth, she realized that her only option was to remain sane in this mad house, as well as pray for a miracle.

Lark was happy when her prayers were answered but she never expected her knight in shinning armor, to be a pirate complete with eye patch. Well he was all that and then some, he charged in and took her away from Marshalsea but Lark soon discovered, that the price of freedom came with a surprising albeit unusual proposal.

And even though there was some spark between them, which Lark couldn’t explain, she was still undecided about what to do. Should she go back to Marshalsea with her pride and dignity intact, where she knows that she would surely go mad or probably die, or follow this grinning one eyed pirate to an unknown future?

My Thoughts

OMG and that was in capitals, give me a historical romance any day and I will definitely read it! Dawn Mactavish makes the sights and sounds of 16th century England come alive, from the first page she got me and I was hooked, was it privateering or piracy?

You can’t help but feel for Lark, I mean talk about the sins of the fathers! She had to bear the brunt of her father’s misdeeds and the “ton” of cos didn’t want to be tainted by her disgrace, no one, not even her father’s gambling co-horts wanted to help her.

I was wondering how the poor girl was going to survive, on only just her guts and prayers alone, when in walks the pirate, did I mention that he was handsome as sin, well this pirate also turned out to be an Earl.

The dowager

The Earl’s mother was tough as nails, honest and also kind, her marriage was interesting to say the least and going with the times, it was an arranged marriage but she didn’t love her husband and only stayed because of her son. Her husband felt she was too cold, probably in bed me thinks, so he took a mistress, which only made the dowager dislike her husband the more, especially when his mistress later gave birth to a son.

Suffice to say that the hatred for the mistress became worse after her husband’s death, the sight or the mere mention of mother and son, were a constant reminder about dowager’s failed marriage.

As for our Earl, being an only child further made him fast become friends with his half-brother, which was much to his mother’s dismay.
It was the Earl’s near death experience, with the mistress nursing him back to life that finally brought peace. The dowager was forced to realize that, perhaps ignoring her husband was the main reason, besides other things that made him stay away and cling to his mistress.

Which by the way is still no excuse to have an affair but I liked the fact that even if the dowager couldn’t forget the affair, she at least forgave the boy and his mother in the end, so there was at least closure for them.

Also despite the dowager’s hatred, the mistress never once rubbed the affair in the dowager’s face, she was a servant and could’ve become a lady, albeit through having an illegitimate child for an earl but she didn’t, she chose a quiet life and remained respectful to the dowager.

Any Downers?

Well I’d wondered how Andrew Westerfield was able to escape from Marshalsea, one minute he was still in prison and the next, he was hiding at the Earl’s castle and plotting on how to do away with both the Earl and Lark.

Photo Credits & Articles

The Privateer had its fair share of smugglers, pirates, duels, debtor’s prison, fury of the “ton” and of cos romance. Many thanks to Dina Dubrovskaya, Tony Avon, , G_travels, Kensai65 and Rasmarley for their photos, for more interesting book reviews click any of this links –

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