Book Review: The Rising by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

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This book is about the story of the antichrist's birth and Rayford Steele's quest for learning more about God and Jesus. The book is the first story before the Left Behind Series.

The First Book

This story is the first prequal the Left Behind Series, a group of books about the end of the world and how Jesus returns for his people. This book is about the Antichrist and his birth and how he and Rayford Steele live in this world that is making its way to the rapture. The beginning of the book tells about the plane being flown by Ray Steele and his almost crash into a 757 airplane on the ground. This is the beginning of the book which is the present and the rest of the book is a flashback.


The first chapter tells about Marilena and Sorin Carpathia and their first love affair and their boring marriage. It also introduces the boy, Ray Steele as a nine year old soccer player and being a very popular child, whose parents are proud of him, whom he is not proud of. His dream was to be a pilot or a professional athlete. Marilena and Sorin were scholars and spent most of their time gaining knowledge. Sorin, Marilena's husband was more like a brother, who she did not love romantically, but loved his brilliance.

Marilena wanted a child, one she thought about constantly and it was depressing. So she joined the Tuesday night spiritual meeting and talked her husband into going. Ray spent the night at his friends house, who told him that Ray was a sinner and that he should plan to serve God and Jesus in his heart, Ray did not know much about that but he was sure that he would not go to church with his friend ever again.

The Tuesday Night Meeting

Marilena got her husband to go to the meeting a few evenings later and he was giddy about it. The meeting started with Viviana Ivinisova, who was a nice but tiny woman who would teach this meeting. When she spoke, she spoke directly to Sorin Carpathia and his wife Marilena. She told Marilena that she could read her thoughts and when she did, Marilena really believed. Marilena took her husband for another meeting and he ignored the whole meeting. She learned that she would have a baby but she would not learn when. After the meeting, her husband told her, he was a homosexual, so who would her baby's father be and if not Sorin, who would take care of her should she give birth to the child.

Rayford heard again, how she should serve the Lord and Ray simply wanted to get away from his friend and the friend's family. Ray speaks to his father about God and his father told him that he just needed to be a good person and know that his good parts outweighed his bad parts.

The Long Walk Home

Marilena went to her husband and got him to walk her home, on the way he told her that he no longer cared about her and that he had no intention of being with her. She listened and told him that she wanted to have a baby. He told her he would have nothing to do with her having a baby so she would have to find someone to have a baby with, but she needed to keep his last name so they would have to stay married until she had the child. Viviana pulled her aside and told her that she was going to get pregnant and that she would have the baby of Satan, all she needed to do is pray for it.Later that night Jesus came and tried to keep her from making a mistake, she ignored his warning. She would live with Viviana for the beginning of her child's life.

Ray told his father he wanted to spend his money on learning about how to fly and he told his father that it would be his career. His father was proud and he would help Ray do this, his fourth grade son would become a pilot.

Marilena has a son

Marilena decides to go the way of Satan, because he promised her a son. She was spoken to by God and by Satan, she chose the one to offer her a baby. She has her son and is very happy to give birth to such an exceptional child. Nicholai will be his name and she is very happy with that name.

Ray has a conversation with his father who lets him know that for his 13th birthday he can work for his company. Then once he has saved enough money he will be able to take his flying lessons. Ray is excited until his father tells him that he wants him to take over the family business. Ray tells his father he wants to be a pilot or an athlete and his father will just have to understand that.

Growing up Nicky

Marilena found herself being afraid of her son, he was very smart, but he was too smart and he was always in charge of everyone and everything around him. Viviana and Marilena gave in to everything that he wanted, but not just them, everyone that they knew would give in to this five year old boy.

Ray starts working with his father as he is now 13 years old and he is a hard worker, his coworkers like him as well. He is working towards his flying lessons and growing taller, and more gangly. But he has his plans for the future.

The Death of Marilena

Marilena saw it coming, the day that her son's fake aunt took him out of town on vacation and once she had the fight with Mr. Planchette, the benefactor. She knew her job was done here. She knew that they no longer needed her and she knew that her son no longer wanted her there. She felt sick and the doctor came with every intention of killing her. She gave her life to God and then she died along with the doctor who came to kill her. The next day her son knew that she was dead and he showed no emotion because he always knew that she was there for the purpose of giving birth to him and nothing more.

Ray becomes a Pilot and gets Married

When High School was done, Ray also had his license to begin flying planes. He was happy but he was also was looking for a woman. He found a very pretty young woman who he strongly disliked and he asked her to marry him. His friend Irene was the young woman he fell in love with, and with her he would have two children, His life would be the way he wanted it to be except both of his parents where now sick, both had alzheimers and Ray had to care for them. He believed that there was a God but his wife took it upon herself to learn what God had told her to do.

Nick grows up

Nick grows up to become the young and rich, he would have everything including things that most boys could only dream of. He would also get rid of his real fathers, the two men who had been used to inseminate his mother. He then went on to spend the 40 days in the wilderness as Christ did. When he finished this process he would then be ready to lead his followers because it made him feel as though he was a god.

See us during the next book

This is the ending of this book, but it is also the beginning of the next book in this particular series. Should you decide that you want to finish learning what happens, you can come back and learn more with book number 2, The regime. The first 3 books are teaching that you should trust in God and get right before you run into the antichrist.


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17th Dec 2012 (#)

Iv never got into these series, I won a copy once but not opened it, thanks for sharing your review. :)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Dec 2012 (#)

Interesting series. Thanks for the review, Katherine - siva

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author avatar Judy Ellen
18th Dec 2012 (#)

I love the author Tim Lahaye and read his book "Spirit Controlled Temperaments," but I never read this particular book. I believe that the Bible says that the Antichrist meaning a person/leader will not come until after the Rapture. However right now the (spirit of the antichrist) which means a general hatred towards Christianity is definitely here. Thank you for sharing!! This was very well written!!

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29th Dec 2012 (#)

Thanks for the insight, success for your article

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10th Jan 2014 (#)

how fascinating is this...thank you

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10th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice and interesting post in every line!

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