Book Review: The Speakeasy Guide to Prohibition Era Slang by Kevin Fitzpatrick

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This article tells you about the book The Speakeasy Guide to Prohibition Era Slang by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick and it speaks of the Prohibition Era and the conversation and slang of the flapper era.

Prohibition Slang

Prohibition slang has been around since the 1920's, when liquor was prohibited, during this time the speakeasy talk was born. It was about sex, dancing, drinking and working. It was about women who were fashion divas and liked to party, known to most as flappers. The slang during this time was spoken then and is still being used on television shows like the Jersey Shore and the Office.

Interesting Phrases

The book points out some colorful phrases such as a cakey which is a name given to a self indulgent person or anything that was really great was called the bees knees. This along with she's got em which means she knows the ropes, and goofy means that you are dating someone, these meanings come from different people per saying and both of them are still said today.

Who Started Saying it

Many of the words or phrases used here are about many different poeple and the mention of interesting people such as Lady Luck and Legit which was started due to the stock market crash. Hayward Brown said Idea man, no dice, and even money, each were equally remembered and are still said today. These came about when they were introducing people or things such as words like media and gadgets which is about news and technical items. All of these slang terms may have started in the 1920's but they are useful terms used today as well.

In Conclusion

This book was great as it introduced the reader to the prohibition slang of a time when drinking was outlawed and the people went to speakeasy's so they could drink but were in danger of getting raided by the police. The book was interesting and fun to read, you will love every page of this short book.


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