Book Review: The stirring of Soul in the Workplace

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This book has an interesting title. We are often stirred by others at work. We are often bullied, or shamed, or persuaded to be someone that we really are not.

This book informs us that by allowing ourselves to live from this false self, we are actually in fact doing a disservice to the world.

We need to stir ourselves up to be our true self, to listen to our soul speaking, and to walk on our own spiritual journey, whilst we are at our place of work too.

Does the real you stand up and be you in your workplace?

It is hard enough to be our real selves outside of the workplace, but at work, could we ever do this?

This is the subject matter of this great book about being your authentic self whilst at work.

The author wants us to be actively alive as our soul rather than passively trudging along as only a false reflection or as a mere shadow of who we really are. His focus is on our work-life.

The author talks here about our being true to ourselves, and not being false to our own soul, both at work, and during our every-day lives too.

We need to live a life of integrity whilst holding true to what our soul values as being important for us.

We need to listen to our souls, and try to fulfil its spiritual mission for us by not neglecting the importance of this overall spiritual purpose for ourselves at our place of work too.

Sometimes at work, we have to be the part of ourselves that we don't not want to be, or to show to others at work. Often, it will take great courage for us to be able to do this.

The author refers to this as us having power.

This power is not in the form of our lauding it over others by our trying to control, manipulate, or dominate them in any way. The author says that real power is having the power to express our inner self.

The meaning and purpose of our soul must find an outer expression, and to achieve this we need to listen to our soul as it talks to us. This is what he refers to us connecting to our own personal power.

To work with boundaries, or not

If you work from home, or in your own business, the same ideas apply.

It might seem to be even harder for someone to be their real self at home while working from their home. It would feel very personal if it is actually your wife, or partner that is denigrating the way that you work.

What could you do to be who you would like for yourself to be at home?

Your wife might think that you are a bit like a doormat for others, and that you should have enough personal valuing of yourself to really set up some proper boundaries, so that your work and your home lives are kept separate, and so that you are not at your customers beck-and-call, at all times.

Boundaries require a certain amount of personal power to hold in their place. Better than these boundaries is unbounded love.

When you love all in this way, boundaries naturally fall into their rightful place, because nobody but nobody can ever interfere with the true working of real love as it works through you as you with the power of God behind it.

By all means set up some personal space, but allow a sort of mixing or blending of love between you and their (your customer's) space. Never build walls or prickly wired fence like boundaries between you and anyone else.

The seat of our soul

"Don't try to impress people. Always be yourself!"

This quote is from Bella Thorne, an American actress, model, and singer.

These words of hers certainly apply also to your workplace.

We look for applause at work, the author tells us.

The author of this book claims that these days most of us are overworking ourselves.

Artificial deadlines, busyness, or looking busy, rescuing or being a rescuer of others. We pain like this to obtain a sort of false pride in our work which has become largely meaningless and artificialized anyway.

We should sit down on the seat of our soul. This seat is situated between the inner and outer worlds, at the exact point where they meet, he tells us.

Our inner and outer worlds will always overlap, but we should never forget that the greater part of who we really are lives in these inner worlds outside of our bodies!

Towards the end of his great book the author tells us that what we do always has consequences. The future of the world at least in part depends upon us.

We are transformed not in isolation, but by allowing our own spark of soul to join with all of the other sparks in order to provide some real light for all of us to be able to move forwards by all helping each other better to see, both at work, at home, and everywhere else where we might ever find ourselves to be.

Our soul must become fully alive in the World. Our soul must be fully alive within us at our workplace too. We must stir our soul with enough love for all of this to come about.

Book Details: The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace, by Alan Briskin, first published in 1998, by Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Picture credits: The book cover photo was taken by me. The other two photos are taken freely from the free media site, Wiki commons media.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Oct 2014 (#)

Nice review Spirited and interesting perspective. We are expected to be team players and diplomatic at the workplace (including at home, to state the obvious!) and so becomes a compromise between what we want as per the inner prompt and to get cooperation from others. I agree we should be ourselves than out to please others and that means we are subservient to their outlook - siva

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author avatar spirited
6th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks siva, yes, if we want to be spiritual people, we should not only be spiritual where it is easy to be so. We should strive to be this way at all times, because that is who we really are.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Spirited, great review. I'm totally in agreement that we should be ourselves. We will never be able to please everyone.

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author avatar spirited
7th Oct 2014 (#)

thanks Nancy, and if we are not being ourselves we are then being false to our self then too I expect.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind writing!

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author avatar spirited
14th Oct 2014 (#)

thanks Fern

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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
25th Oct 2014 (#)

very interesting, thanks for sharing it with us

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author avatar spirited
26th Oct 2014 (#)

thanks AjaySinghChauhan

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