Book Review - "In the Shadow of the Mountains" by MR Graham

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In the Shadow of the Mountains - by MR Graham (2012) - Paranormal Fantasy
Novel - 242 pages
When a stranger moves into the sleepy town of Burns City, no-one knew the strange and incredible world he would unleash on the town. In the Shadow of the Mountains is an intensely gripping novel with unexpected twists at ever turn.


There is a stranger in town. Burns City is the kind of small town in which a new arrival turns heads and starts tongues flapping so when the stranger arrives under the cover of an icy blizzard, speculation begins among the townsfolk, but little do they know how wrong they are. In the Shadow of the Mountains is a paranormal fantasy novel wonderfully constructed by MR Graham that will leave you guessing and perhaps even leave you with a bit of a scar on your chin from the numerous jaw dropping revelations.


The story follows the usually uneventful lives of child prodigy Aaron, slacker/clown Chris and his best friend Liz. The small town of Burns City is not prepared for a sudden spate of local murders and it is not unexpected that some suspicion falls on the shoulders of the newest community member. Can is be a coincidence that the murders began just days after his arrival? Aaron is convinced that this man who is finally someone he can converse with on an intellectual level is innocent; however, Chris is not so sure. Without intention, the trio of teens stumble into a supernatural world that can't possibly exist and Aaron and Chris are forced into an unlikely teaming with the strange man in the house at the end of the street. What follows is page turning plot with twists and turns that will keep you guessing and then questioning your own conclusions.

Setting the Scene

In the Shadow of the Mountains begins with a very detailed description of a small town, free from crime where everyone knows everyone else. An icy blizzard approaches as does a stranger drawing a powerfully ominous parallel that sets the scene in a way that is not thoroughly understood until the last pages. MR Graham has done a marvelous job of creating a sense of setting around the story-line and characters that grips the reader until the final word. The author has a remarkable talent for creating a scene in which you can see, feel, and even smell the surroundings.

Growth of Characters

Journal entries by Liz and Chris show their undeniable youth at the beginning of the novel and the author has captured the vocabulary and teenage issues with perfection. The first journal entry occurs after a wonderfully visual description of the town so it is an unexpected change of pace. It shows the author's ability to embrace the point of view and thoughts of her different characters. It is a valuable inclusion to have the internal thoughts and insights and serves well to highlight the growth of these characters throughout the novel, none more so than Chris.

My Final Thoughts

In the Shadow of the Mountains is wrapped and entwined with intrigue and hidden meanings with enough clues and throw away lines for the attentive reader to be able to piece together the mystery, but even the attentive reader can easily miss the clues that lead to the biggest revelation and the moment that my jaw hit the ground before I broke into a massive smile of approval and excitement. No spoilers here, you will just have to read it yourself and I highly recommend that you do.


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