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Paradise Fallen - by Simon Jaysek (2013) – Mystery /Adult Romance
Novella - 94 pages
Paradise Fallen is an exploration of secrets. The community of Paradise Falls is not unlike any small rural town; however, everyone in town has their own dirty secret to protect. Greg is no different. He comes to town with his children to leave the past behind, but in Paradise Falls, the past has a way of finding you.


Paradise Falls seems to be the perfect place for Greg and his young children to settle. The property is serene in its beauty and somewhat isolated from the townsfolk. Greg harbors dark secrets and when a gung-ho officer sets her sights on him, his well constructed lies begin to unravel. Add to the mix a frustrating neighbor with a son who is out of control, plus a cast of characters who take gossip as fact, and Greg begins to wonder if Paradise Falls is the paradise he initially envisaged or just another difficult chapter in his hidden life to be battled with and forgotten.

Paradise Falls has its own secrets. In a community where everyone knows everyone else’s business, the discovery of a pedophile in their ranks throws the town into accusations and assumptions.


The style of writing is very direct and similar to other script writers who have turned to novel writing like that of Laurent Boulanger. The imagery is clear and the action is written in a way that you can easily visualize on the big screen.

There are no story chapters to break it up and this was intentional. In an interview with Smashwords, Simon Jaysek says: “I've deliberately not included numbered chapters so as to keep the story flowing like a movie.” When I began reading Paradise Fallen, I expected this to be an issue for me as I like to finish a chapter before taking a break so that I can easily return to the story, but I found it was not a problem at all. It was easy to follow and I never lost my place or the story flow.


The character of Greg is somewhat mysterious and he has his secrets. Simon Jaysek does a commendable job of building that intrigue throughout the novel and of protecting the secrets that Greg harbours. As a reader, I was given a good insight to Greg as the main character and he was well developed. I felt for him and as the primary protagonist, I followed his story with a desire to see him discover himself and finally achieve some peace.

Overall, the characters are explored at a level expected of a movie. Written from a third person, omniscient point of view, they could potential have been explored deeper; however, for the level of dialogue and action, and the author's clear intention to entertain, the level of characterisation was appropriate. The author left enough unsaid that the reader can explore greater depths of character in their own mind.

My Final Thoughts

Paradise Fallen is an easy read that will appeal to a cross section of the adult and young adult communities. It will appeal to those who like to escape into a world that is shown and directed with various characters of true human qualities and sometimes animalistic needs. Simon Jaysek has been a screenwriter for twenty years and this experience has translated to his novella with quick action and clean dialogue.

There are erotic situations though they are relatively short-lived and are not required to carry the story. Paradise Fallen delves into the controversial area of paedophilia and readers with particular sensitivities should be warned of this. The events are not deeply descriptive but may still be highly disturbing for some readers.

There is recurring punctuation usage that I found distracting. Having said this, it is consistently used so once the action took hold with the primary conflict, I somewhat forgot about this. One good read through by an editor with strong grammatical skills would weed out this slight issue very quickly.

I found Paradise Fallen to be easy to follow, easy to visualise, easy to read, and with a story-line that clearly developed throughout the pages. Twists and turns come to their conclusions and everything is answered. The ending is somewhat unexpected but is very believable and appropriate. I read the last word with a sense of completion.


Simon Jaysek:
* Smashwords Interview

Read more about Simon Jaysek and Paradise Fallen including links to stockists HERE.

Simon Jaysek is a self-published author and a member of the Hidden Reads Community.

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