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The 6th of November - by Pablo Solares Acebal (2014) – Horror / Historical Fiction
Novel - 100 pages
The 6th of November is a date that the townsfolk of Requejado cannot escape. Set in the 1930's during the Spanish Civil War when the church was under threat and the world felt another war approaching, fact and fiction entwine with reality and fantasy.


The story of The 6th of November begins with a personal introduction from the fictional narrator, Don Paco. He is a man of the church and he is our link to reality as the journey of the people of Requejado unravels and reveals terrifying truths and questionable existences.

The introduction by Don Paco starts: “I, the town priest and representative of God on earth, devoted to Him in body and soul, write my memoirs to share them with future generations.” He goes on to say of Requejado that, “Its inhabitants lived on the verge between good and evil; withdrawn into their devastated lives, trapped by a universe that reduced them to ashes... Welcome to Requejado.”

Pablo Solares Acebal has brilliantly used the written words of Don Paco's thoughts to tell the audience that: “...some parts of this story contain opinions and conjectures.” It is a fantastic ways to remind a reader that while the novel contains historical data, the work is one of fiction.

Style and Story

It was not until I read the last chapter and returned to revisit the introduction that the full implications and understanding of the words mentioned above took hold and weaved a final thread of knowledge that linked the story together for me. Before delving into the word of The 6th of November, the narrative introduction gives you but a taste of what is to come.

Don Paco has a purpose in sharing his memoirs, though to speak more of it here would be to give too much away, so it will suffice to say that Don Paco tells a story through his eyes and ears. As stated in the introduction from Don Paco, he did not witness all events but has pieced together conversations and unintentional admissions.

The flow of the work is regal for want of a better description. Set in the 1930's, it reads as though written within this era as opposed to being completely modernized as some works tend to be. Pablo Solares Acebal is a profound thinker. His deep understanding of the human condition and provocative thought are delivered in lines such as: “Who was the one who commanded this dew to gather in such an organized and beautiful manner? Only our destiny and the circumstances are able to do so”, “True people never need to say goodbye several times before they finally leave”, and, “Be careful with time. It is worthy but untrustworthy and dangerous”.

Categorized as Horror/Historical Fiction, I feel I should clarify this classification for potential readers. This is not your typical horror story of slow building fear and anticipation through setting and descriptive dread, nor is it one of gore or cover to cover blood-lust. Never have I read a story that I would find so difficult to categorize as it crosses over so many genres. Within the horror genre, I would describe it as psychological/paranormal horror, though even this does not truly do justice to Pablo Solares Acebal's creation. The horror is in the history, events, and final revelations. It is a story that can not easily been shaken once the last page is turned.

Growth of Characters

The central characters are Gloria and Maria. We learn of the young love between Gloria and Rulfo (Maria's son), seemingly doomed to be together only in the shadows when Gloria's father rejects their courtship. We meet the repressed Maria Dolores in a loveless marriage to Anselmo. The change in these two characters as the story progresses is both subtle and extreme. Good versus evil becomes a playground as the reader is constantly questioning who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist?

The narrator introduces the other characters through a retelling of personal and inferred events. Several less focused characters are peppered throughout, though none is small or insignificant. Each character, no matter how briefly presented, has a solid impact on the story-line and the other characters.

My Final Thoughts

The 6th of November is unexpected, thought provoking, mysterious, and highly intriguing. Though lost in the story and the welcomed confusion, I was intrigued not only by the characters and the the progress of the story, but also in the historical significance and reflections. I found myself researching the histories of the different towns mentioned, the Spanish Civil War, and the date itself.

I would recommend The of 6th of November to those who like to be taken on a journey where the path is not clear and your own conclusions and assumptions are crucial to the impact of the words. This is not average “story-telling”, this is literary poetics that invites the reader to consider their own mortality and morality.


Pablo Solares Acebal:

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Pablo Solares Acebal is a self-published author and a member of the Hidden Reads Community.

Please note release dates for The 6th of November:

Australia – June 10, 2014
UK – March 10, 2014
USA – May 6, 2014

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