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Soul Horizon - by Carole Nomarhas (2013) - Space Opera/Science Fiction
Novella - 55 pages
Soul Horizon will keep you guessing with every page and once you are finished, you will want to flick back to the first page because you just know there will be more to uncover. This is a fantastic novella from a truly talented Australian author.


“The port had a name but it was of no importance to Terras.” This is the opening line of Soul Horizon by Australian author, Carole Nomarhas. The first sentence of any novel should be a window into all that follows with a hidden premise that will urge readers forward and this is precisely what the author achieves. From the first well constructed and visually inciting paragraphs, I was drawn into the world of Soul Horizon. In just three paragraphs, I had a clear sense of setting and the deeper character of Terras.


Terras and Quell are two very different beings, both hunted for their own reasons. Forced into each other's worlds on-board a dying ship, they are taken on a journey of fear, heroism, and discovery and the reader is encourage along, enticed by possibilities and intrigue. Alien species, humans, mutants - in Soul Horizon, they are all versions of humanity and alien. The author has brilliantly created several different races without determining absolutely which is “Human”, if any. All have an aspect of humanity yet all are distinctly alien to each other. The interaction between two opposing species is brilliantly delivered from both points of view. Rarely do we see two adversaries so well described from each differing point of view. What we find is a humanistic fear of each other hidden behind arrogance and the belief that each is moralistically superior to the other.


Quell is instantly a strong character and just as instantly likable. He knows his place in comparison to other species but it does not stop him from pushing beyond those inflicted limitations. His strength of character and his childhood fears and adult rebellion are nicely summated in the line: “ longer child-sized and forced to stare up at the Hironi. Not like the old days. Behind that mask they'd be about eye to eye.” He has stored anger and self-doubt but an external arrogance and confidence that he himself proclaims as suicidal: “Quell tried to match the Hironi's arrogance. It was not a game for beginners.”


Nomarhas makes use of long descriptive sentences interwoven with short, punchy wording that flows brilliantly. I easily read this work in one sitting as each chapter left me wanting to know what happens next. The dialogue is structured in such a way that there are sections of conversation though it is certainly not overdone and the dialogue stays true for each character. The dialogue and even the vocabulary used within the descriptions of each character's lot are strongly tied to that character. The Hironi is and precise, arrogant, direct. Quell is a brave-heart, teetering on a tightrope of arrogance and fear that pushes him to the edge of his very life - the words around him are more cautious and casual and often truncated. Soul Horizon is peppered with beautifully descriptive passages such as the interacting consciousnesses of a Speaker and his ship.

Final Thoughts

I am not interested in stories that tell you what to think; I like to be challenged, I like to have a clear visual of the setting with the ability to create the picture in my mind while leaving room for my own assumptions and creations. I like a story to build questions and to loop back and answer those questions and I like to feel that if I read the work again, I will find more links and additional hidden clues will jump out at me to make the world of the novel even clearer. Soul Horizon fed me a healthy dose of exactly what I was after. I will read this book again, and again, as it is the type of read in which you know there are more discoveries to uncover, more links and hidden messages. Highly recommended.


Carole Nomarhas:
* Cooperative Ink
* Glass City Books

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** Carole Nomarhas is a self-published author and a member of the Hidden Reads Community.**

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