Book Reviews: Lazaris: Lazaris Interviews Book 1, by Lazaris (Jach Pursel)

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This article's a review of a book that's been channelled through a person. It's claimed this is from another entity from some higher World than ours.

Love lives in you at all times. You live within it when you are making the best use of time, with love's energy backing you.

To do this simply allow the love to love. This means to allow the fullness of yourself to empty itself fully within the world, and not to bottle any love up for the next day.

Maybe it's all just about the flowing of love.

Tuning into channel Lazaris

Since 1974, Jach Pursel, the channeller of this other-worldly entity, known as Lazaris, has been channelling this higher level teaching of Lazaris to the World.

Lazaris is apparently a spark of love, with no physical form, being pure consciousness only. Jack goes into a sort of meditative trance, and Lazaris then begins to talk through him.

A great plethora of information has flowed into our World, supposedly coming from some other World, in this way. These teachings are known as the Lazaris Material.

This book is a compilation of just some of the vast amount of these teachings that have come through from Lazaris, via Jach.

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Some of the old boy's teachings

"The prime reason you are here: To learn to have fun."

The above line is a quote from Lazaris.

Is he having fun with us, or does he really mean this?

Well the Dalai Lama, that great Tibetan spiritual figure, has said that we are here to be happy, so I guess he means here the same thing, or something similar to this.

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy."

This is how the Dalai Lama put it.

On page 43 of this book, Lazaris advises us all to have a certain discernment about these types of teachings, such as his are.

Any message that limits us, or tries to prevent us from being fully ourselves needs to be discarded. A good message will help us to build onto ourselves, and it will allow us to expand on who we already are. In short, it will help to grow us, when we take it on board in our own lives, and learn something new from it.

Lazaris tells us not to stop thinking about things because we feel the truth in them.

Thinking and feeling must go together, and not be separated in order for them to both operate effectively. In order to fully feel, you must also think, he says on page 42 of this book.

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Channelled, or from Jach's higher self?

I have a feeling myself that perhaps this types of channelled information comes from some part of the "channeller", or really from deep within him, or from deep within herself. I believe that this is actually their own higher self talking to them, at least I think that it is, at most times.

Is there any truth in this process or phenomenon of channelling?

Is it really coming through from another entity, or does the channeller's own soul actually talk to someone else, and so confer with other souls to feed this information back through to the person himself?

In the great oneness of spirituality, which contains all knowledge within itself as one body, we can all contact or reach into this wisdom pool of God's truth for ourselves, in this way.

There are no separate entity's out there. It is all one consciousness pool, or ocean of love, which merely contains droplets of energy vibrations, which are known as souls to us.

Each soul is merely a vibrational frequency which is slightly different from another soul. Every person can tune into their own souls channel which can also listen to all of the other frequencies too, whenever it wishes to do so. This I feel, is the real explanation for what is really going on here.

This book was published in 1988, by Synergy Publishing, California.

Lazaris says towards the end of this book that we should be responsible for more than just our own selves.

If we take a piece of responsibility for the grander, greater World or Universe, or God, if you might call it this, only in this way, can you live from a greater power then too.

Otherwise, you will always be limited in only trying to operate from your own self's limited, and limiting power alone. Oneness has full power as itself in you, when you place yourself fully back into oneness.

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author avatar Carol Roach
25th Feb 2015 (#)

some good points here

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author avatar spirited
25th Feb 2015 (#)

thanks Carol

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author avatar Utah Jay
27th Feb 2015 (#)

Well it seems he has all worked out.

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author avatar spirited
27th Feb 2015 (#)

yes thanks Utah Jay,

when we try to work it all out in our minds though, we can often miss out on seeing the real workings of it out that is going on in our hearts though.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Mar 2015 (#)

We are part of the oneness of creation but uniquely chiseled and molded - the real challenge is to find common ground than return empty handed to our source. Thought provoking, thanks Spirited - siva

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author avatar spirited
2nd Mar 2015 (#)

yes, I agree with you siva, the parable of Jesus in the bible about the talents and about one man burying his and so returning empty-handed agrees with what you have said.

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