Books made into Movies - Is it Worth ?

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We see many movies based on books, but what happens when popular mainstream books are adapted into movies? Everyone has an opinion on how it should be made, am I right?
What do you think would make a better movie?

Books or Movies

I always preferred and still do prefer reading than watching movies and every time I watch a movie adapted from a book, I always end up myself being in the edge of another disappointment. Books have its own power of dragging the reader to its own world of imagination supplied with an abundance of details and description to make the reader involved with the words used whereas the movies looks completely different from what you imagined and just make it below your expectations.
Well, with regard to some Books to Movies adaptation, I have made the following book to movie comparison:

1. Hello vs. One Night at the Call Centre

Chetan has well scripted his book and made a really interesting plot as well as detail about it involving the hits so called ” Call Centre Fever” of India but the movie was a complete chaos. I didn’t expect Salman Khan to be there in the story when I read the book. The movie was a typical Bollywood typo with those dance numbers and oh god Katrina Kaif’s role was like don’t know what to call it either. She was a sort of a goddess.

2. 3 idiots vs. 5 point someone

Well, I wouldn’t say 3 idiots was a bad movie. Maybe some readers who read 5 point someone may not find it convincing to what they read and imagined but I found the movie really entertaining as well as educating. The short punch lines of humor, the actors, the locations, everything was superb and yeah, I believe it did fair with Bhagat’s novel.

3. Harry potter series books/movies:

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that the Harry potter movies are always well directed and played. The excellent actors, locations, effects and sounds, everything is awesome. But After reading the book, I always get disappointed watching the movie. The movie is like a simple summary of the whole book and it appears more like a precise. So many facts, scenes and topics are missing in the movie. The Recent HBP was good but didn’t do fair with the book, Bill and Fleur Delacour getting engaged, Bill being bitten by werewolf, Dumbledore’s funeral etc, everything was missing.


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