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So you are thinking of joining bubblews, here is all you need to know about bubblews.

What is bubblews?

Bubblews is a social networking site which allows user to earn money from their article. It is a very increasing article website but it's article fail to show up in organic search more often when compared with other websites.

How does bubblews attract people?

It pays for every likes, dislikes, comment and view. They pay $0.01 for all the mentioned things. The redemption amount is $50 which adds up easily. The article length is 400 characters (minimum). You can write 10 posts daily.

Is it for real?

Yes it real and the owner is Arvind, but here is the tricky part, they don't pay each member. And they still grow as they pay for other half members. So the half member you leave site, leave their article for Arvind to make enough passive income. It has been often reported that if you ask for 10 redemption($500), they would pay you one or two times to keep you writing ($150).

My advice

It is very clear, they ask you write crap(400 characters) and while you do so, you interact with website and help Arvind make money. So it's not worth. Join hubpages, suidoo. They are for real. Thank you for reading my article.

It's on my personal experience over there. Yes, I got lured and they hardly reply and don't care if I got my money or not!

If you need a decent income and great source of viewership then wikinut is for you. Join today and see for yourself. Here is a link. Enjoy earning!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Jan 2014 (#)

One needs to get satisfaction too for our efforts and interaction with others. Accepting crap means the site is doomed to fail - siva

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author avatar mybithdaye
27th Jan 2014 (#)

True, true!

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author avatar Christi Harris
10th Feb 2014 (#)

They actually don't pay for dislikes. You also failed to mention that most people that don't get paid has problems with following the rules and TOUs set forth by bubblews.

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author avatar Retired
17th Feb 2014 (#)

A LOT of people have had redemption issues and have NOT broken any rules. From what I have heard from Bubblers & reviews is that more and more people aren't getting paid, & have not broken any of the rules.

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author avatar mybithdaye
17th Feb 2014 (#)

@Harris Actually I haven't broken any rules. Anyways if I had broken any rules, they should at least tell me to my more than 10 mails to them. If admin ain't replying it simply means they don't care.

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author avatar mybithdaye
17th Feb 2014 (#)

@Panda Agreed!

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