Buffer: The Application and Icon that are so Important for Social Media

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Every once in a while we come across a tool that is so easy to use it becomes a part of your normal routine and you almost forget you are using it. Buffer is such an application for the avid social media user, it will allow you to put your posting into autopilot, while you get on with the important things in your life, this is the way to post while you get on with your life.

An Icon you Should not Miss

Former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki sated:

    Buffer is my go-to tool for social media. The detailed analytics are incredibly insightful and help me and my team see what's working as well as what's not.

There is good reason why such a respected social media leader uses this tool on a daily basis and that is probably the same reason why I make use of Buffer on a daily basis. It is true that I like to write but I also recognise that I am not the only person with good stuff to offer all those that I know in the world. It is possible that you have no heard of Buffer, but it is likely that you have seen this logo around various sites that you have visited, it usually resides alongside the Facebook "Like" or Twitter "Tweet this" buttons on a good many sites that you visit and I am about to reveal to you the wonderful world of Buffer, in future don't leave home without it.

Logo courtesy Bufferapp.com

Just What is Buffer?

I am sure you are a busy person, which possibly means your social media activity is just like mine used to be - up and down, you added things when you could, but also left it unattended for days on end when you were busy on other things, well this is just where Buffer can make a difference in your life it will allow you to stay in touch with your social media connections when you are to busy to spend time on your computer. Posing interesting material to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, AppNet, and Google Plus.

Like with all good products it is possible to sign up for free and that provides a lot of power, if you need to upgrade to "Awesome" level which allows an unlimited number of posts to be added to your buffer and share through multiple twitter profiles.


When you login to your Buffer page this is what you will see, but in truth I hardly ever go to this page.

The Button is Ready

Whatever web page I am on all I need to do is click the "Buffer" button which will activate the Buffer application, it will place a default title and link onto your screen in a box over the web page and once you select the social network that you wish to post the information to then you simply click on the Buffer button


Remember though posting to Twitter is limited to 140 characters, where other social sites are not as restricting. You will notice that you have two options, share now, or buffer. The former will post to the site right away, whereas the latter will buffer the item to be posted on the social network at a later time.

Using the analytics capability will allow you know the success of your tweets and how people in your network are engaged by the things you have posted.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
11th Jan 2014 (#)

I may have to try this. I can schedule posts on my webpage (now to find the time to write those things that I will schedule for later posting...) but know I need to do more with Twitter. Thanks for the information and idea.

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author avatar writestuff
11th Jan 2014 (#)

This is an most informative post. I will most defintely utilize this new information. Thanks again and I'm still wowed by "400" + a

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author avatar vpaulose
11th Jan 2014 (#)

Great info. Thank you for this.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
12th Jan 2014 (#)

This is great information! Thanks for sharing!!

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author avatar SilentPsycho
24th Jan 2014 (#)

Great info! Delighted to have you around, :)

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author avatar vpaulose
5th Apr 2014 (#)

Very useful post. Thank you dear brother Peter.

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