Bunnies and Batteries by Angelina Rain: A Surprisingly Romantic Story

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Bunnies and Batteries was a surprisingly excellent short story.


Genre: Contemporary, Erotic
Word Count: 8,280 words (of pure, glorious fantasy)
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.23/5 stars
My Rating 4.5/5 stars

The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Book

This book is like expecting an oatmeal raisin cookie and getting oatmeal chocolate chip instead: it's a pleasant surprise.

Grace has secretly been in love with her neighbor and former friend, Clay for a very long time. But Grace is sure her chance with him is gone after she threw up on him eight months ago and they haven't talked since. After getting free sex toys in the mail to review, Grace starts using them while fantasizing about Clay. Little does she know that Clay catches her in the act.

Usually stories under 10,000 words featuring sex toys don't have much of a romantic story line. And nine times out of ten their writing is as bad as week old tuna salad. I was fully expecting a poor excuse of a plot with an alpha-hole hero and an annoying heroine while they do a very explicit and steamy horizontal mambo. But he was actually likeable and she wasn't annoying. (And the mambo wasn't horizontal).

My biggest pet peeves with erotic romance weren't in the book at all. Clay was a little dominating but mostly polite, sexy, and oh so in love with her. His reason for being in her house wasn't creepy-- her dog was begging to be let into her house and when he heard her moan he thought she was hurt-- and the reader even gets to see part of the story from his point of view. And believe me, seeing the man's point of view, and how he views his partner, is incredibly underrated by erotic romance authors.

What I like even more was this wasn't insta-love. Clay and Grace had been friends for a long time before the story starts and they fell for each other over time, not at once. Which is great, and makes the story so much more believable. However, because they have been friends for a long time, I don't understand how Clay didn't know about Grace's panic disorder, nor do I understand why Grace was so afraid to tell him. It wasn't like they were on a first date. They were already comfortable with each other.

The place that needed the most improvement was in the beginning. The opening scene is when Grace is on the phone with her mother while looking out the window at Clay. This part doesn't make sense with the rest as much. Grace is telling her mom about her new gig about writing reviews for free products. And she mentions that she doesn't get paid money. However, when the products come, there's a note saying she'll get paid $100 for every review she puts up if she writes the reviews that day.

There's also a lot of backstory in the beginning. Clay's and Grace's entire relationship is summarized in the first page. That should be elsewhere. After all, books are like friends. When you first meet them, you don't air out your dirty laundry. That happens after you know each other for more than a second or two.

But aside from that blemish, this story is an excellent romantic and erotic read and I highly recommend it.


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