Bus parking 2 for iPad is it worth playing?

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Looks at the good and bad points of the bus parking app bus parking 2 for ipad in which you park a bus at varying difficulty environments consisting of grey bollards in a big map,

The graphics

The graphics on bus parking 2 are quite poor since the buses look relatively unrealistic and are quite pixelated aswell as the limitation to one Map only for at least the 1st ten levels.

The controls

There are 2 pedals one for gas and one for braking neither are very sensitive so have to be pressed firmly before working effectively and therefore are not as sensitive to light presses often leading to unavoidable collisions. The good thing about this is it is not too sensitive so does not get out of control straight away due to excessive speed but should be more sensitive or at least have an option to toggle with sensitivity of acceleration.
Steering does not have the same issue as the steering is responsive although the wheel system in general is not by any means as good at accurate control as the tilting used in free parking which is easy to vary the degree of steering without having a virtual wheel which can slip when you need it to stay on full steering lock the most leading to unnecessary frustration.


The view from the bus is adequate as you can gauge at least mostly how close to objects you are the option activated by the camera in the top right corner of the screen is useful as you can more accurately judge how far away from objects you are and touching at the side of the coach can change the camera angle although the use of this feature is only really when the bus is almost parked. The problem with this game like most others of this type in terms of view is that is is hard to see objects beside where you are and so squeezing into tight spaces can be awkward without straightening up at least once.

Types of buses

It is nice that there is a large variety of different buses to choose from as can vary gameplay although to improve it would be nice to have varying sensitivities of steering and perhaps have an unlock system for completing levels to enable some sort of reward such as getting a narrower or shorter bus which is easier to park.

The Map

As the map is quite small and has only the obstacle present at the end it is not that fun driving to where you have to park as the scenery is minimalist. It seems pointless having a large map which this is based on the distance necessary to travel when the real skill is simply about parking the bus in a tight space so coordination and judgement.
These skills should not be downplayed as they are used in this game quite frequently which is an advantage with this game.

Level difficulty variation

Although there is a good progression of difficulty between levels it seems a shame that more is not done to spice up the large map as in more obstacles or something however the levels do vary considerably in difficulty from the range of bollard positions so this is a definite advantage to keep gameplay stimulating due to the element of challenge it provides.


Overall the game has it's good and bad but unfortunately the bad in this instance seems to outweigh the good as despite the concept of the game and the difficulty variation the graphics pointless big maps , lack of speed control sensitivity and hard to select the necessary steering degree let the game down.
P.s do not play this app unless you are really bored and perhaps play parking free instead if you like the concept


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