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sit back and enjoy the first episode of "Place your Ad" a zany comedy about a father son advertising agency for local businesses, they are trying to expand and land 'the big one'

place your ad

I wrote a tv show just like this called 'Place your Ad', and suggested it on a site that was looking for tv shows, mine was much funnier the crew was a father and son team with the father always trying to find a women for his son who was gay, the premise of the show was to land the big one, but the ad campaigns were so bad and z quality, however they land a Nike commercial and a graphic arts team come up with an ad for posters and billboards, a guy is standing in a pair of nike's looking at a comet while drinking a martini, a little kids comes up to him and says, "I bought my pair of black nike's can I go with you now? the guy looks down at the kid and says "you are too young to drink, then says "some cool aid perhaps.?"
The father was always hiring beautiful woman trying to ungay his son, and hires a transvestite, who the son knows, his-her name is Raquel, who used to be "Rocky" he comes up to Raquel and say's "I heard you made the cut! It takes a lot of balls to have your johnson removed!" ... the son then tries to turn the tables on his father by having the Janitor, who is also the narrator of the show drill a glory whole in the bathroom stalls, The team then creates the actual Nike commercial, and this is at the end of the each week they would make a very controversial commercial for a big company who would sign on because there would be so many viewers, and get their product advertised and dissed in a very comical sort of way...we had a commercial for coke, with supreme court Justice Clarence Thomas opening a bottle of coke, and spying somethings, he says "remember the good ole' days with classic Coke, then staring at the bottle and saying "is that a pubic hair in my coke? Anita Hill stands behind him with a facetious grin on her face...or how about when they land Pepsi, the next generation firing up for Pepsi, and having Prince Jackson roll around on the stage with his head on fire? I had plenty of them, the show started out with 4 really bad commercials...

the show started out with 4 comercials, "Crispus Adams" has a new show called Crispy does NY on 1.50 a day...Crispy is a homeless man who learns to wheel and deal his way to breakfast lunch or dinner each day....then there was a commercial for a local Bar called "Apathy" a great place to go if you wish to remain anonymous, no one cares who you are, or what you are up to...the scene opens with a bartender, telling a customer to 'fuck off' and then tells the crowd the first drink is on the house, and sings the
'free for all' Jingle
, on the house,
this one's on me,
without cost,
totally free,
no payment rendered,
no cash tendered,
no deposit, no return,
no forgiveness, we all burn!'
then there is the commercial for Sit Institute where you come to think, about anything you want, relax chill and take a pill, Sit institute building free thinkers one thought at a time....and the last commercial, trash2treasure.....a man stands behind the counter of a recycle center, another man with a shopping cart comes up and unloads 10 stacks of newspapers and a dozen plastic containers and various soda cans and asks what can I get for this? the guy behind the counter hands him 2 hub caps.....

The father's name is Jack Overlord and runs a loose canon, the son who is gay is Jack Jr....the janitor tells the story of this zany crew he is bi sexual and has sex with everyone in the building...Jack employs the janitor to turn the tables on his father, who is against the son being gay... Last scene of first episode, Father goes to bathroom and while he is in the Stall, the lights go out, He Say's "Hey what's going on?" Janitor replies, " I've come to clean your pipes" End first episode is the actual Nike commercial, each week another company can vy for a spot at the end of the show, The commercial for Nike's is then shown at the end of the show: two men on a basketball court, playing 21, the guy wearing the nike's takes a shot and wins the game, the other guy, then takes off his generic sneakers, and ties a knot and throws them over the telephone line, then the little sign comes up and it says "just do it!" .the fact is I put this tv show, place your ad on a site that wanted people to come up with the next great tv show...and so I put up place your ad...and obviously someone liked it and stole my work, how many people think I should get legal council?? I should sue CBS and robin Williams for stealing my idea I have white copy of 13 episodes and shoots of all the commercials, I had the idea presented at tribe ca films in 2009.


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