CCleaner - Optimizing your computer part II

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Running out of hard drive space? Computer acting a bit slower than before? Ccleaner can fix all that and more.

Ccleaner - Temporary Files

Ccleaner is free software for your windows pc that can clean up the many messes left behind by your programs. Nearly every program on windows creates temporary files when it is run, but these files almost never are removed after they are created. The main programs that play into the temporary game are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Flash player, Java, and even Windows itself with its many processes. Eventually over time these files really add up to amazing numbers. Ccleaner scans over all the temporary directories on your computer and deletes these files to free up space on your hard drive that should have been there in the first place if the program would have picked up after itself. Usually after about 5 months with average use, a computer can have up to 5gb of temporary files. That's a lot of space for many people with computers and if you let the files build up for too long it is possible that your computer could contain 60gb of temporary data. One of my friends had just recently run Ccleaner on his computer for the first time in 2 years and ended up receiving 122gb of his drive back from temporary files. It is recommended to run this program at least once every 2 weeks and always run it once before attempting a defrag (info found in my Auslogics Disk Defrag review).

Ccleaner - Registry

There are times every so often where the windows registry will contain information that is no longer used and just wastes extra space. If there are only a few of these its okay, but when you get to 50 or more your computer will start to slow down a bit during certain actions because it takes longer to scan through the whole registry. Ccleaner takes care of this wonderfully. All you do is click 'Registry' and then scan for errors and tell it which ones to delete. If you are unsure of what to delete then tell it to remove all, but say yes when it asks if it should back up the data first, that way if you encounter any problems you can just restore from the backup file by double clicking on it.

Ccleaner - Other Features

There are 3 more features that Ccleaner offers to its users for free.
1. Uninstall - this feature uninstalls programs of your choice from the computer just like windows usually would except that Ccleaner performs a cleanup afterward to make sure that all of the programs files are gone to ensure maximum performance gain after removing software.

2. Startup - This is an option for the advanced users only. The user can choose what programs start when the computer is turned on so booting up and logging in can be faster than it was before.

3. System Restore - If anything were to go wrong with your computer, you can use this option to restore your computer back to a recent point in time where hopefully it is no longer affected by the issue the user was facing.


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