Cabos: The Best Alternative to LimeWire and Other P2P Applications

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P2P (Peer-To-Peer) applications have decreased in popularity in the last years. Today I will talk about Cabos, probably one of the last good applications that remain from the P2P era.

The fall of P2P software...

No so much time ago, P2P applications were highly popular. Now many people think twice before downloading a P2P client and there are many factors that influence this decision.

Probably, the major ones would be:

  • Virus including Adware and Spyware.
  • Comsume a lot of CPU resources.
  • Illegal File Transfer.
  • The appearance of Torrents.
  • Virus Infected Networks (Gnutella, Gnutella2).
  • Expensive.

And much more.

Today it is very hard to find a P2P client that does not have a major flaw.

Popular P2P software includes LimeWire, Ares, Shareazaa, Soulseek. Yes, they work, but they are resource consuming, may contain virus and sometimes they stop working without any reason.

Yesterday I thought I could search to find the best P2P client existing. After trying SEVERAL of them, I came to the conclusion that the best one is a free lightweight application called Cabos.


Cabos is a very lightweight P2P client, which connects to the Gnutella Network.

Cabos features:

  • FREE
  • Supports Windows 2000 and later and macOS.
  • Gnutella Network.
  • No Adware or Spyware (Integrated with it).
  • Itunes Integration.
  • Firewall to Firewall Transfer.
  • UPnP Support.
  • Mojito DHT Support.
  • Very Lightweight.
  • Fast Transfers.

These features make Cabos (in my opinion) the best P2P client available. I cannot say it is perfect, having certain flaws, the major one being the connection to the Gnutella Network which is currently infected with many virus. Another disadvantage (might be and advantage to others) is that it features a very simple and NOT so pretty graphic interface.
Other than that Cabos really overcomes its competitors.

If you are someone who uses P2P clients a lot you know what I'm talking about when you have to bear with loooooong application loading, annoying unwanted software and bad connections.

Cabos Download

Here is a software that may resemble the applications from the P2P golden era.

Good Luck
Enjoy Computers!--alphaGeneric


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author avatar raman13
29th Jun 2010 (#)

Impressive article
Follow me as well

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author avatar Bill
6th Sep 2010 (#)

Respectfully, I have to disagree with you on a couple of points. 1. P2P is more popular now then ever before not less. 2. Downloading malware is always an issue which is why there are programs to help deal with (not eliminate) the problem. For those not willing to take sensible precautions (americants ;P) then, yes, P2P is not for them. For the rest of the world P2p has never been more appealing. Actually, I'm looking for a Frostwire alternative. This morning I opened up Frostwire and there's a picture of a nigger (some advertisement Frostwire is promoting) and I have been unable to disable it. Hence, my need for a new ap.
Good luck to you,

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author avatar Britfags
11th May 2011 (#)

get a life euroguttertrash

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