Cape Town ocean too gray for Miauli movies, but it does the job

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We discuss some behind the scenes fun facts about this fun chapter of the Miauli series, "Captain Miauli lends the use of his ship to Leopoldt the tiger".

Cape Town ocean too gray for Miauli movies, but it does the job

Ah yes, don't you just love these fantasy animals, all anthropologolo... well, all humanlike. There is a word that is sort of like anthropologocological, but that's not it. I can't think of it now.

Anyway, getting back to the subject, this short scene, "Captain Miauli lends the use of his ship to Leopoldt the tiger" is actually quite technological and technically complex. Very complex indeed.

The logistics behind the first part, where Leopoldt the tiger is showing them the ship, required a heck of a lot of aspects that all have to come together to form this scene.

First, it required that a ship on the sea be filmed. That's not really a problem, unless your studio is located very far from the ocean.

And indeed the Mooiflieks Miauli Studios are located extremely far from the ocean.

That is why co-creators of this show, Marius Macrobius and Janda Walters, took a week-end trip to Cape Town by aeroplane. There they filmed all the ocean scenes for the Miauli movie called "The Sea Serpent", under which this chapter still falls.

Mostly all of these scenes serve as backgrounds in the Miauli motion picture series. The cargo ship seen here is an actual cargo ship that was standing in the ocean near the Cape Town coastline.

One of the problems director Marius Macrobius had with the Cape Town sea footage, is that the sea itself looks very gray. It doesn't look blue at all, as one would find it at other parts of the country, or even that very nice turqois blue one finds at some places in the world.

So, the sea had for the most part to be treated digitally a bit to make the color more pleasing. This was done during post production, mostly for the parts where the sea serpent is bugging Miauli's ship.

However, in some parts the sea is just as gray as it is. This is one such part.

What causes the sea to be blue? It seems in some cases it might be digital processing.

Anyway, if you haven't yet taken a look at this chapter in the Miauli video series, have a look at it here.


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