Carbonera Effect: Real or a Phony?

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This article will be all about if the Carbonera effect and if it is really real or fake. But today, I believe its actually fake.


The Carbonero effect seems like a really good show. I actually enjoyed it a little bit, however some of the elements in the show started to seem pretty suspicious. Especially on the magical part, their reactions, and many other things. This article goes down to how I believe that the magic was actually fake. For me, I don't believe in magic, rather I just believe in tricks and such. (I pretend to be in a world where instead of discovering magic and spells, we discover technology and such.) However, you can always talk about the proof of how the Carbonero effect is actually real, and I am not the only viewer to not think its fake. (Which I am glad about that, so that would mean I wasn't going insane.)

Camera positions

One of the things that I have noticed was that the camera placement. I honestly wonder how is it a hidden camera show when it is in the middle of the whole entire stage? Because I am pretty sure that a real magic show would actually stay onto what magic is happening at place. So it would cut to their reactions, but end up going back and the magic was already done. The thing is, that is a little bit too suspicious for the viewer, as even some viewers literally knew it was fake in a few minutes into the show. The only way to really do this stuff is mainly by distractions and a good sleight of hand. Therefore, an example is that someone puts an apple on the table. Its a red apple, and when they focus on the guy's reaction on something that we don't know until it cuts back to the apple. He manages to switch out the red apple to a green apple.

Some of the acts done could easily be staged

I noticed one of the "magic" tricks were actually easy to do. One involved where a man went inside a Egyptian casket, and ended up disappearing. The best way to play a trick like that is if the bottom of the casket could turn around. That's probably how he disappeared, and went under the building. OR, when the camera came off, the guy could have just walked out and put some bugs inside there. I believe the main reason they make these shows is mainly because on the amount of money they made. Yet still, it can be a bit entertaining, by the amount of effort the actors actually put to their reactions. The only way to really make this show look realistic if the magic was a lot more realistic than fake. Its simply impossible in the laws of physics for a life form to be created just by simply snapping a few pieces together.

The logic in the show doesn't make sense.

All the logic really doesn't make sense, where even magic sometimes have to follow logic, too. There is no way you can simply make anything disappear, since it's impossible to destroy matter. One picture that made you not look at it for several seconds would end up changing when they showed you it again. The only way for that to really happen is if the picture was changed. Or instead of magic, some illusions were used. And when they show propellers that could propel things above a certain weight, its simply impossible for something to spin that fast and lift something so heavy. A simple-minded person that doesn't think at all would probably believe this is magic, but if it were to be seen in real life, of course we'd be surprised, and we'd know it is real. However, I am pretty sure that blowing in a balloon to harden into glass is something that we could do, but its way into the future. Also, search up any of the items used in the show, I have searched up a few, and nothing came up.


All magic shows have their tricks, but the only magic that's used is the camera. As long as you have a person who is really good at editing things to make it look like it's really happening in real life, then you could probably make a magic show. They manage to get a good editor on their hands, and a really good actor who can stay still. For example, when they switched out a toy duck for a real duck, the person holding the duck had to stay in the SAME EXACT position to make it look realistic, and so did the duck. It would look fake if the person were to jolt a different direction. If you wanna make a magic, show, good luck with trying to make sure that your fans can't really tell if it's fake for not. Because when there is a leak that it is fake, many will stop watching. But, if you have some proof that this show is real, please let me know.


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