Cartoon Network: BAD influence for children.

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This article will be about how terrible CN is for kids, and why they should avoid it.

CN? Eww.

I have awoken to having 64 come on the TV. (Take note that I went asleep while watching Adult Swim.) Then, I would notice some show that showed DEEPLY disturbing things while I was eating breakfast. Then, this kid started talking about "Are they making out?" I was definitely disturbed when I literally heard that! That isn't exactly a term you use in a family show. Thank god that they didn't say the true definition of making out, but the kids could search it up and start doing it! I have bottled up this article, where it is practically a rant where CN is a terrible channel for children to be watching. Its funny how late at night, where most kids are awake, that show for grown-ups start to come on. No wonder why some of these kids act corrupted.

Bad Entertainment Value

The first problem I had was its entertainment value. The thing is, that CN is literally mediocre when it comes to making their shows. There isn't any plot line, no moral, nothing that actually makes a real show. Its amazing how these kids are still in condition to watch all of that! But anyhow, its not up to me on what they watch, and that is on the parent. All TV programs for kids are definitely not for kids, except the ones for toddlers. I have no idea on what they are able to watch. And when I mention "actual" shows, those shows are long gone now. Mainly because all of the good shows disappeared without a trace, and they are rarely back on. I noticed what was the main source of the problem. They want to go mainstream, and attempt to make their own trends.


Apparently, the shows that come up there makes stereotypes, which isn't a good thing at all. The reason for that is because when they see a kid that shares the same characteristics as a character from a show, they will assume that's their personality. So that's meaning, glasses = nerd, muscle = bully, and fat = retarded. Its practically a guide on bullying, where if you wear glasses, you better than them off. If you are fat, you better hurry up and start losing weight. I really hate how people start putting these stereotypes around, and makes it hard to enjoy a show. Just seeing them with one external feature will definitely make it easy to know their whole entire personality. That really isn't cool at all.

Teaches kids to slack off.

Yes, you read that clearly, these shows literally teach kids to slack off. They make it seem like its a cool thing and decide to not cooperate. Teen Titans "Go" is a huge example. It also teaches kids ways to rebel, from disrespecting a team leader to almost murdering somebody to have fun with something. Its terrible how they turned a purely perfect show, then they threw it away like garbage. It's sad, and to the point where they got lazy with the art style, so they made it in a way were it would be easier to make the animation. I write tons of 700-word articles, and you don't see me cutting it all down to 350 words. TTG is really the biggest show on that channel, and it is one of the worst, where even some kids use it as a role model.

So thereforth...

Just, don't show children CN. If you see there is nothing wrong with it, or maybe it is actually helping your children, go ahead if you still believe there is nothing wrong with it. I have no other idea what I would show them, because every show now shows a bad influence to the kids, and all of the new movies are about the same thing. Then, I really do wish that I was back in 2007-2010. That was really when the good shows were around, and now I actually wish that time didn't pass so fast. Hell, even for my age, I was actually watching those shows, the regular Teen Titans, Kim Impossible, Thats So Raven, mainly because they were 100% family friendly. Its nice that they allow us to watch those shows again, but after we finish watching them constantly, we come to realize... Why can't they make another show like this?


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author avatar Deepizzaguy
10th Jun 2015 (#)

PBS Kids does have some good shows for children like Wild Kratts, Word Girl, Curious George. Cartoon network is not my type of network that carries cartoons that teach positive lessons for children.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
11th Jun 2015 (#)

Hmm, I never thought of PBS kids. However, I am talking about shows that are supposed to positively appeal to a older age group. (12+ of some sort.)

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
11th Jun 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing this article. Cartoons on the major cable networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are awful.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
12th Jun 2015 (#)

No problemo, Deepizzaguy.

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