Chatbots...Let’s Play!

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We look at some the most successful users in the business of gaming.

Chatbots...Let’s Play!

The growing popularity of games and chatbots come together to create a super-exciting gaming world with the interaction of chatbots cleverly designed to make the gaming experience more entertaining.

Gamee Please

Gamee CEO & co-founder, Bozena Rezab, has spoken out about her 4M monthly users for a bot-based social gaming network. Developed in 2015, Gamee users can play and share with their friends without having to download or install any apps.
‘Every game we launch on Games is automatically embedded into chat apps and social media and playable with friends there. One single access. We are very enthusiastic about this, everyone will be able to launch a game on Gamee, which will make the game playable across platforms,’ explained Bozena. Bozena went on to explain that time spent with gaming bots had decreased and that with larger platforms such as Facebook entering the market there is a shift to ways of discovering content and approaching services.
Alternatively, rather than downloading specific apps people prefer to use the apps that they already have and to simply do more with them. Over four billion people, on a monthly basis, use their smart phones to spend time on chat apps. Chatbots allow users and developers alike to reach those people for social gaming.
Partnered with number of platforms, including Telegram, Kik and Facebook, Gamee has lead the way in embedding games and on launching gaming within their apps. While focussing on community and technology, Gamee is waiting to see what Facebook will do with WhatsApp. However, they are now looking into making their ‘current experience deeper and more engaging.’ Determining the health of their chatbots by monitoring the KPIs such as daily active users, session length and retention rates, the intention is to have a great chabot that makes the user come back for more.

Chatbot and Game Loops.

Similarly to having a conversation with a distracted partner, it can be quite frustrating when your chatbot keeps on asking you the same question repetitively or forgets an answer that you have given them previously. Seemingly, even “smart” chatbots have their issues with keeping a conversation going. Even with their Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, chatbots seem to forget previous information given to them. In light of this confirmation let’s not be too hard on our partners, even artificial intelligence misses a cue. Like our relationships with our partners, if we want the conversation with the Chabot to succeed then they should be programmed in the same way as a game is programmed, to loop. A game loop works in a way that they need to ‘gather data, such as "has the player pushed any buttons in the last 16ms?" and "Where did the enemies move to in the last 16ms?" They take this data and update the game state. From this game state, the game can then render a new image to display on screen.’
Again, when comparing your relationship with your partner with that of a chatbot, most chatbots are based on a call-response system. However perfect it sounds to programme your partner with your desired responses to certain situations it would become both frustrating and lacking in forward-movement if the chatbot either forgot information already given or was unable to see your responses and proceed to the next level accordingly. In relation to gaming, there will be a “Start” page, followed by information gathered as different activities during the game happen and an “End Game”, whereby all the information accumulated will be lost and the player can start afresh. If your chatbot is based on the gaming loop it would mean that the chatbot would add information from the conversation as it continues to a memory that can be used for as long as the conversation lasts. This would lead to less repetition and therefore less frustrated users.

Want to Come and Play?

By putting ‘eccentric characters’ in the core position of their games this shows that the chatbot experience is a main driving force in designing the gaming experience. “Video game designers are harnessing the ideas and the technology behind chatbots in order to develop their own unique 'AI' creations.” Developers such Massively AI is a prime example of the type of chatbot games currently available. Titled, Arterra, this game is played within a messenger platform instead of simulating one. Harnessing the platform’s unique ability to simulate conversation between the game characters and the player chatbots will allow for more opportunities for involving game play with storytelling.

Although it is early days yet, the increasing complexity and ever expanding possibilities very well may entice ‘a new wave for game narratives.’ With chatbots now easy to build and available for free at platforms like Snatchbot you can design your own interactive game with a chatbot that accommodates your very own player-desires. Not only would your unique ideas come to life, but once you share the game with others and incorporate their responses, you’ll be on your way to developing popularity that might even emulate the 4M user success of Gamee.


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