Coke, Number One. Learn to be successful

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This article is a review on coke and give ideas and tips on how to be successful regarding with business

Coke, Number One. Learn to be successful

Do you know that coke is the second beverages to the water that people drinks now days? Coke is the most drinks that people really loves; it is not just in one country but all over the world. Kids, teens and adults enjoy drinking of it. Some people always have it every time they eat. It is a part of life of people now a day. Do you agree of it or not? Do you know someone else who haven't drunk a coke? Some people can drink coke five to eight bottles of twelve oz. a day. Would imagine that? Can you do that?
Why coke? Why not other beverages, it is because of its unique taste. Do you know how many sugar a one bottle of coke contains? Almost all people know it, but why still drinking of it? It's because of good taste it has that can't be found in any kind of drinks. Do you like drinking coke? Can your meal complete your satisfaction without a coke?
Drinking coke is not bad, what is bad is too much. People should know the limitation of their body since our mouth and tongue what know is to accept foods and can't control eating and drinking even if it is too much. Coke is one of a kind that can't live without by many people. Coke also has affordable size for everyone just like the others. After observing, coke is easy to be sold at the market even the corporation who owns it didn't even make many advertisements, it’s because by itself it is growing and networking, the explanation for this is that we the consumers or costumers are satisfied with the taste of coke. It is undeniably the best drinks in the whole world. Who can refuse drinking coke? No one, we need to admit that. Coke built by how many passing years. It survives and continuing improving and expanding. Have you tried to drink the coke zero? Which means zero sugar? It tastes as the original coke right? But what is the difference? They say it doesn't contain sugar. The people are keeping on learning and researching to make something new. If you stop learning, you stop living.
What i wanted to say is this is one product with great quality that's why it is a success product in the market. People love it because coke meets the expectation of costumers. If only a business gives a good quality of product in the market, they will have a true costumers and they will get the trusted of people on buying and using their products, any kind of products. Those who have business out there, the goal is not just a profit to be successful, you have also to provide a good quality of your products in order to make itself networking through costumers, you doesn't need to advertise because the product itself advertised. This is a great factor for success.

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13th Oct 2013 (#)

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2013 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar tz
25th Oct 2013 (#)

Your writing style is very interesting. I read your article from start to the end.
Can i suggest something?
With your permission i want to say split your article into little paragraphs of 3 to 4 lines.
Thanks! Every one drinks coke and Mr.Asa candler founder of coke deserves that reputation!

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author avatar ladyfoxxy
28th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you for reading my article. i will, thank you for your suggestion. God bless you.

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