Comfort Women Speak Part II

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Part II of my book review Comfort Women Speak. Proper judgment is to be made against the atrocities committed by the Japanese government during WWII.

The Painful Legacy Lingers

“I would never get married.” Announced the comfort women. Some of them were physically incapable of pregnancy because they’ve already lost their vagina or uterus during war; however, but more feared of marriage psychologically after such a traumatizing experience. What the Japanese had done to them certainly left an irremovable mark on their heart and forever altered their lives. Their dreams of a happy marriage were scattered and they were despoiled of the chance to raise some adorable children. The ‘comfort women’ were mostly raised in a traditional family, meaning that they could have lived a complacent life with their husbands and children if they hadn’t been trampled by the Japanese soldiers. Their words were so heart breaking and no matter how hard they’ve tried, they still couldn’t cast the fears away or fight against the never-ending nightmares.

Cruel Intentions behind the Whole Massacre

The purpose behind the Japanese’s recruitment of sex slaves has always been blurred and ambiguous, but one of them has to be lust and redundant desires. Over the past centuries, there were wars between different nations but not once did a government think of to ‘take care’ of the soldiers’ sexual needs. Will regular sexual practices lift the soldiers’ spirits? Or, will a lack of it become an obstacle that diminishes their chance of winning? There’s not even a piece of scientific evidence that ever supports these claims. If they really need sex that much, why don’t they hire Japanese prostitutes to serve them? By seducing the young Korean girls, their ‘enjoyment scheme’ has crashed their innocence and childhood, which could never be retained.

Final Note

It is very hard to believe that we, human beings have ever inflicted such pain on our fellow human beings, without even admitting that we have done so. No apologies. No compensations. No introspections. If the Japanese really want to educate their descendants, then stop misinterpreting and deleting historical facts about ‘comfort women’ in history books. They should confess the crimes that they’ve committed and compensate the former ‘comfort women’ – a group of sturdy survivors with medical care, financial support and of course, whole-hearted respect.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Aug 2012 (#)

They knew they were living on borrowed time and wanted to be satiated in everyway. And again, it could be exercise of power over reason. Of course, there is no morality in war anywhere! But are we grateful to live in reasonably peaceful times now? Or we just tempt fate forever forgetting lessons from history? I dare say if another heinous war breaks out, God forbid, worse things could manifest. That is human nature! Thanks Isabelle for your thoughtful share and real feelings on this issue - siva

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author avatar IsabelleChan
26th Aug 2012 (#)

Thanks for commenting again, siva! It's nice to always hear your feedback on my pages. You are right. Human nature is such a complicated subject and I get more disappointed by it each day. How dare we talk about learning from history when all we practice is repeating history! I couldn't imagine the consequences that a third-world war would bring to the human race. The damages could be devastating and irretrievable, to say the least.

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