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comments in social media is often used as a reference to increase your rank. and are often used to facilitate the search engines like google to find your blog so that your blog is in the top rank. spam comments are often ignored by the bloggers who do not know the dangers.

Comment Spam

Because commenting may be used with success to extend your rankings,a lot of people abuse it by placing spam comments on blogs. Thankfully,there are tools available to bloggers to prevent this type of spam but unfortunately it is still commonplace.

Makes the blog more interesting to readers bringing them back again and again. Comments add to the content of the blog making it more valuable to search engines,thus giving it more exposure. Obviously comments add new fresh content bringing the search engine spiders around more frequently,meaning more and faster indexing.

Spam comments are usually ignored by some bloggers not knowing the harmful effect of it. Before,I have no idea what spam comment was but as I explore the blogosphere and the search engine world i have now a better understanding of it. After knowing what spam comments are realize that i have done it so many times and sooner or later it will hunt me back. You might done the same thing,When you post a comment on someone’s blog posts you also leave a link to your blog.

The way to improve your site’s search engine optimization and search engine rankings is to attract backlinks to your site. That backlinks are valuable? Mostly,it is sites that have relevant content to your site that have quality content. For bloggers these sites are easy to find it is the popular blogs in their niche that are already doing well.

Social networking can cause significant privacy issues,for instance. Since people are ready to see your pages and your profile,they can use that information against us. Whereas several would really like their profiles to be among the most popular on MySpace, some people would prefer to keep personal information and their identities hidden and safe from people they dont know personally.

If you have a product and need to get traffic to your blog there are many ways like placing ads on different websites,Google AdWords and other PPC programs,however we need to spend money for that. Commenting on different blogs of the same niche is one of the successful methods.

other peoples products allows you to avoid the cost of product development,customer service and shipping and handling. By locating an affiliate product from any of the numerous available vendors online you have got currently got one thing to sell.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Nov 2015 (#)

One should know the basics and do research to get better ranking for the site; thanks for the tips - siva

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author avatar vickylass
2nd Nov 2015 (#)

Although I don't have a blog just yet, I found this article useful. As far as I'm concerned a good comment is an opinion after one has read an article.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Nov 2015 (#)

Well, I wrote on Wikinut, LoverME was famous for writing porn on people's pages and I kind of learnt how to write spontaneous poetry because of it and it became a game.
Now, with regard to comments, is that your only indicator to increase your NUT points??? I used to write out here and get over 3000 odd views a day without a comment and honestly didn't care.
Only a fickle minded writer would care about the comments.
Now have you worked as I have (I am in the creative industry) where the world judges you and it is not put in the form of comments but as media awareness in News Channels, magazines, tabloids etc. I cannot delete these, they are historical material with both good and bad reviews.
Some of the information is given to them and other investigated upon now those are celebrity comments and there nothing else you can do but cry, stomp, smile or just damage control to live again.
So if you are concerned about a comment on your blog, grow up and face reality. None of you know the hardship of media doing the commenting for you and I won't teach it to you. Its all where you want to be, a frog in a pond or make the world your oyster.

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