Core I7, to Elevate the Experience of Digital Computing

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Intel’s intelligent line of microprocessesors: Core™i7 is specifically engineered for multi-computing, amplified extreme gaming and quality digital media creation and rendering.

Core I7, to Elevate the Experience of Digital Computing

Intel, the global leader in microprocessor engineering and advancement has yet again proven the ingenuity of their intelligent line of processors with another of its latest release that elevates modern day demand in speedy and enhanced-computing.

Targetted Computing Class

The Intel® Core i7™ processors designed to hit market classes A, B upper C around the globe, a bit high with the equivalent value expense. The first of the microprocessors to follow the Nehalem Processor Architecture, Intel’s intellectual line of microprocessesors, the Core™i7 is specifically engineered for multi-computing, amplified extreme gaming and quality digital media creation and rendering.

Advanced Computing Features

Quoted to be more advanced than the Core2™ processors, the previous release of Intel™, with specifications scientifically higher and is provisioned for a high-end PC built, with perfectly matched hardware and chipset support for the processors optimization.

Core Chip Engineering

The Core i7™ has enhanced physical features of 8 processing threads via Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology™, four advanced system cores with the inclusion of Turbo Mode Operation™. Added features include the Intel® Quick Path Interconnect™ (Intel® QPI™) to Intel® x58 Express Chipsets; Integrated Memory Controller (IMC™)for edging 3ch DDR3 Memory Modules; Heightened to 7 more SSE4 Instructions than the usual processing chips and Multiplier Locking.

The Intel® Core i7™ processors, is the first to be created with a new system of Micro Chip Structure based from the Core 2 Duo™, the predecessor of Core i7™ with quantitative mark-ups on angular properties from the previous to the current chip engineering. Intel never fails everytime they issue a newer release with their wide range of processing chips, it also subordinates its predecessors. A thing about new processor releases is it completely demand for an upgrade because the older boards and other components cannot support its built. It is an expensive move everytime you would take to grab intel processor at its prime releases.

Clock Speed Attributes

According to Intel’s claim, the Core i7™ chip is built to boost a speed of up to 3.2Ghz, typically with a system that is coupled with compatible physical chipset including DDR3 RAM’s and Hyperthreading™ compatible motherboards. The Core i7™ CPUs: the maximized system is the 3.2Ghz Core i7™-965 Extreme Edition™; secondly the mid-performance-oriented 2.93Ghz Core i7™-920 then the 2.66Ghz Core i7™-940 for common users with clock speed importance.


Benchmarked on PC games with extremely high graphics quality – Far Cry 2, a game which uses Crytek™’s Cry Engine 2 for 3D rendering and imagery. Crysis and Crysis Warhead, Devil May Cry 4 and Assassins’ Creed. Advanced 3D Media Rendering would also be of complete ease with Core i7™.

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author avatar N. Sun
11th Dec 2010 (#)

Great share! I have a Sony VAIO Core i3, a bit lower-end :-/

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author avatar hieroglyph
11th Dec 2010 (#)

i3's are cool!!! Their efficient enough to do multi-thread stuff, but a little limited with gaming capabilities... Thanks for taking time to read up...

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