Corporations return to the origin, and make us pay more

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This is an article about how we tend to want to return to the origins of our technology and processing.

A longing to return to the origin

Have you noticed that after a while, we have gone so far from our original products, that we eventually come back to them after a while? We have products that are now attached with the words “Simply”. These products, have no preservatives or other chemicals in them. When I first saw these products, I thought “wow, that ‘s great!”. After a while though, I realized that the companies are just giving us the products that we used to get a long time ago, and charging us a lot more for them. It is a sad state of affairs that in order to get foods without chemicals or hormones, that we have to spend extra money and make an extra effort to look for them.
This trend is not limited to food either. Vinyl music has made a comeback of enormous proportions. The reason for this is the realization that no digital format can compete with the sound fidelity of vinyl. However; in the 80’s, we were sold the idea that CD music was superior to vinyl. I did like the fact that I would be able to listen to the track that I wanted, without lifting the needle on a turntable to find the right groove for a particular song. I also liked that the music was less likely to skip or repeat while playing.
However; it only took one listen of Purple Rain on CD to discover that the CD sound was vastly inferior to vinyl. It lacked any warmth or depth. Although it sounded very clear, it also sounded very flat. Yet we have been sold the idea that digital is superior to analog every time. Flash forward about 30 years, and now we are being sold the idea of “high quality” digital music. We’ve been here before. Move along, these are not the droids you are looking for. Anyone remember DVD audio? Or how about HDCD? The true audiophile has continued to get music in vinyl. Indeed, now that turntables exist can convert songs to mp3 as well, the choice is obvious.
I actually have no problem with new formats coming about. I just don’t want to see the prices go up as a result. Blu-Ray was a perfect example of this, with the Blu-Ray version of a film being several magnitudes higher in price than the same movie in DVD format. Of course, Blu-Ray is vastly superior to DVD in every way. But the difference is smaller than the difference between DVD and Videotape. HDTV is essentially the standard now. Blu-Ray discs should be much lower in price as a result, especially since 4K blu ray is almost here. Better yet, the digital version of the same movie should be even cheaper, but is often the same price. This is despite not having any of the costs involved with a physical disc (shipping, sales, packaging, etc).
People are actually clamoring for old technology again. It has been less than a year since the IPOD Classic was discontinued, and the price of them has skyrocketed since. Likewise, we are seeing the return of popularity of classic video game systems, like the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment system, Sega Genesis, and so on. The games and systems have recently gone up in price. This tells me that people want to return to the simplicity of an earlier era, when even though our music was digital, it was all actually stored on a device, instead of in the “cloud”.
So either due to nostalgia or greed, there is a trend of returning back to the origin.
Perhaps in the future, when everything is a 3D holographic version of itself, we will see some of these issues resolve themselves. Until then, I will not turn a blind eye to the growing trend of going back to the future.


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