Critical appreciation of Graham Greene's "The Basement Room"

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Life of a man can be changed by taking away his experience and imposing experience upon him.This will add another factor of corruption in his life.Philip--the main moving character of the short story finds himself in a desperate situation.

Critical appreciation of Graham Greene's "The Basement Room"

"The Basement Room" is a fine story which deals with psycho-analysis of an innocent child.It is the study of a child in the light of psychological insight.The parents of Master Philip here lives him alone.His parents are on a holiday tour.He is left to himself.He is guided by two nurses--the one dismissed and the other yet not arrived.This makes him feel unpleasant.
He begins to think in a new situation.He looks upon his freedom.He is free to act and he acts as a master.He is free to do anything he likes.An air of freedom lurks his everywhere.His actions,which flourish from his inner consciousness is apart of human psychology.This psychological phase speaks of parental control imposed upon him.He feels delighted in freedom,when his parents are away from him.
His suppressed personality emerges out gradually.It comes layer by layer.Now he wants liberty.He is a boy with a passion to know what life is.He wants to evolve an intimacy with the world outside his family.He feels excited with this world.He feels thwarted against something.He does not find things easy.Mrs. Baines is nasty and unpleasant;and tries to captivate the child.Here begins the conflict,as the child wants freedom from all sorts of control over him.The clash becomes inevitable till the death of Mrs. Baines.
Mrs.Baines had an intimacy with Philip.Mr.Baines had a niece for whom he had love in his heart.But he had no courage to declare his love.He entrusted Philip secretly.Mrs. Baines knew that Philip entered into his room.Philip ,too,could not keep his secret.Philip had already betrayed Mrs. Baines' secret .Philip finds himself in a desperate situation.How to deal with situations become a problem before him.
Now begins the unravelling of the child's psychology.
The spirited,excited child sees the reality of the world.In the latter part of the story he seems to be frustrated,because of the secrets of the elders.They proved to be disgusting.Mr. Baines was poor and helpless.Mr. Baines had a desire to go to see her ailing mother.But,it was all false.Philip was scarred by these people and left them.As he was free,he had gone far away.There too, he was lonely and deserted.He was anxious for something else.So ,he wanted to return from abroad.He felt relief when he hears the death of Mrs. Baines.But,there was a sense of fear within.He could not dare to see even her dead body.
Thus, we see,the story "The Basement Room" by Graham Greene presents a psycho-analysis of a child.The short story deals with his inner actions.He has been presented with a brilliant and with a complexities of a child.At the same time ,the writer attracts our attention,at the individualized personality of Mrs. Baines.


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5th Nov 2011 (#)

Great review.Mr. Bhatt. Thank you.

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6th Feb 2013 (#)

Please check upon the person and gender/number ..... rest well written.

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2nd Mar 2013 (#)

needs more elaboration

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9th Aug 2016 (#)

thank u sir. I m really thankful to u

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