DMC4, Repackaged!

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Capcom's Devil May Cry, repackaged on it's fourth installment.

Devil May Cry 4, Repackaged!

The fourth installment to the Devil May Cry series. Devil May Cry 4 has been repackaged having not Dante as the main protagonist but Nero- a young knight of the Holy Order which has mental characterization quite similar to Dante, the evident arrogance and foulness of speech that is quite appealing when bluntly uttered.

The Gear

Nero also carries a Coyote Pistol, the Blue Rose – a single Magnum 357 alike pistol which has two longer barrels that allows two razing bullets be fired at a singles shot, so much the same with Dante’s old school dirt gun Ebony and Ivory. Nero also uses a sword redefined from Dante’s Rebellion, named Red Queen which is certainly patterned to an engine’s fuel injecting system that everytime he decides to trigger the sword’s Ex-Gauge function, the sword draws a heightened energy blazed with devilish fire combos giving it a fiery blasting effect taking down enemies on the perimeter at a perfectly timed blow. One incredible feature added to DMC4’s weaponry, taking it out of the conventional DMC storyline is Nero’s glowing arm. A devil arm which Nero had since birth, a reason for him to hate the God of Heavens, capable of Hell Bounding – transporting from point to point destination using his lengthened devil-arm grab. This devil arm is also considered the main weapon in the game which triggers elemental components of the gameplay. The devil arm also can be upgraded during the game’s progression, enabling Nero to grad enemies and take them down from a distance using his arm, termed as the Devil Bringer.

New Breed of Characters

One strategic turn point forDMC4 is using a different character to escalate the level of franchise. Having Nero coupled with Kyrie who happens to be her love interest and focal point of the game’s storyline. CAPCOM knew that the character of Dante could never be softened to tender it to a woman; it would arrogantly be awkward for a legendary devil hunter (Dante) to fall in love just to generalize the market franchise of the game. Instead, CAPCOM arrayed the characterization and most of the storyline to Nero, making him the main protagonist of the game. Although the orientation of the love story between Nero and Kyrie is a typical kidnapped-saving theme, it’s quite acceptably a pretty good thing that Kyrie wasn’t the one to save Nero instead. Though it could be a conventional flow, CAPCOM understood that gamers and DMC fans would never experience a complete devilish gameplay without having Dante on the gamepad’s crosshair. Still players could get to play Dante on the nearing end of the game on several chapters quite balanced that during Dante’s turn to rock the spotlight, the weapons and upgrades are more intensified than those of the stages with Nero. Still the arrogance and sweet foulness of Dante’s mouth makes the game and the cut scenes DMC defined.

The Older Guys

Older characters have had appearances like Lady originally with DMC3 and Trish, from DMC2. New and philosophically intriguing characters are Agnus the Lamb and Sanctus as the main devil to deal with to finish the game. Credo, Kyrie’s beloved brother, a loyal soldier of the Holy Order who believed Sanctu’s holy preaching of lies and Kyrie, the woman that completes DMC4’s storyline.


The game has an excellent theatrical cut scenes that would make you feel like you are watching a stand-alone Japanese movie everytime the theatrical scenes cut in. Mainly with two game difficulty options: Human Mode, for those who haven’t played any of the DMC game from any of the previous series, which envelopes considerably low profile enemies and quite blockable attacks. Devil Hunter Mode on the other hand, is for those who have experienced the gameplay orientation of the previous DMC series. As with the common DMC game, players get to have Unlockables. Beating the game in Devil Hunter Mode unlocks the most difficult Game Mode, The Legendary Dark Knight of Sparda. One cool addition to DMC4 is that, after completing the game, while the end credits are flash displaying, you would need to protect Kyrie as Nero from the demons of all sorts which you have previously faced. A time lapse of 90 seconds is given to accomplish that bonus mission for you to be able to see the game’s secret ending.


Devil May Cry 4 storyline is quite philosophical; quite pattered to the traditional religious arrays of the human races. Although logically, the characters you play are devils– both Dante and Nero– half human, half demon; the holiness and meaning that the game delivers much renders sacred value with punches the moral core.

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I hope you take this the right way but, I am not into games but, having a son tha has been for over a decade.
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Hello Denise, you can try gaming one time, and its gonna pull you up in a trance... and you'll love it right then and there!!! Thanks for all the wonderful inputs... I really do appreciate it..

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