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Flying cars have been in the dreams of children and adults alike for many years now, but unfortunately have not yet become reality; that is until now! A review of the two different types of flying cars which becoming available within the next couple of years.


Before mid-1980’s, if you were to ask any young child what he imagined life would be like when he has grown up, and you could be sure that somewhere in his imagined future was the flying car. Most days of the week we would all be getting into our automobiles and flying off to and from work on some ‘Sky-Way Motorway’ in a fashion not too different from the ‘Back To The Future’ movie.

Thirty years on and unless you have been living in some fantasy world, than you’d probably well aware that flying cars never became common place; never ever came to be! Well actually that second part isn’t quite true, while it is true that they aren’t common place, flying cars certainly do exist and can be purchased, though for a hefty price.

According to the Guardian newspaper article two US companies have actually invented their own flying cars. One such company,Terrafugia have recently unveiled their prototype, the Transition® which if you wanted to buy outright, would cost you a whopping $279,000 (£172,113). I don’t know about you, but I think I’d wait for the price to come down somewhat. While officially the Transition® won’t be available till the end of the year, it is possible to reserve one for cool $10,000.

Now if you have the money and the desire to own a flying car, you may be wondering if you would definitely get a flying car for your money, I mean the car may work, etc, but if no local authority would allow you to drive the car on their streets, than what is the point of having the car. You might as well spend your money on a Cessna. Fortunately you’d be pleased to know that Terrafugia have had been given a street permit by the US government, allowing the Transition® to be used on US streets (and I hope UK government would follow suit as well).

If however you are the type of person who likes a choice, then you’d be pleased to know that a rival company, PAL-V have also developed their own flying car, simply known as the PAL-V Flying Car. Just like the Transition® the PAL-V flying car has approximately the same speed and travelling distance before refuelling. In my opinion, while the PAL-V flying car does looks more stylish than the Transition® the downside is that it is not as yet allowed on any public roads (can only take off and land on private land) and is even more expensive than its rival, costing $300,000. Furthermore, the PAL-V Flying Car won’t be available till 2014, two years later than the Terrafugia Transition®.

Ultimately though, I don’t think these differences matter too much in the long run for both cars are just the tip of the iceberg, the Wright Flyer 1 of the flying car industry (Wright Flyer 1 is the name of the Wright Brothers first aeroplane).

So while it maybe a little while yet before you own your own flying car, the chances of your childhood dreams of the flying car future are finally becoming a step closer to reality!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Sep 2012 (#)

Interesting news, Jakesmith - thanks. This possibility will revolutionize transport and that is an understatement! Traffic jams in the air and also the other downsides that we should take care of - like falling into wrong hands! siva

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
29th Sep 2012 (#)

I yearn for the time when technology catches up with my imagination - at a price I can afford to pay :-}

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