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A review of the 'best coffee in Dorset with a sense of humour', tasted at the Stock Gaylard Oak Fair in 2009.

Darkly Brewed...

I met the Dead Good Coffee Company for the first and only time to date at the Oak Fair at Stock Gaylard last year. The eponymous hearse with witty skeletons dancing and drinking in the back was parked at the end of Oak Avenue, nestled between a stall selling local handmade cards and the locally sourced, handcrafted wood products that made the Oak Fair so well-known in the south west.

I was first drawn in by the fantastic hearse and the sight of the whirring machinery belching steam in the back which served as the coffee-maker - the queue when I joined was twenty strong, and didn't seem to be moving at all. In fact, I queued for half an hour or more, and people just didn't seem to be in a hurry.

It wasn't so bad, standing still for such a long time meant I could appreciate the beauty of the trees around me in the late afternoon sun and overhear snippets of chit-chat from the other visitors to the event, as they moved from stall to stall and were drawn into conversations.

Finally when my turn came, I asked for a cappuccino. A man in a groovy waistcoat and beard smiled and took my change, and then I discovered why the line was so slow-moving.

All the coffee was made the right way - with real beans, in front of you. The smell was absolutely indescribable, very dark, almost like incense, heavy but not musty and rich but not sickly. Like the inside of a Gothic shop or new velvet and joss sticks, mixed with the aroma of roasting coffee. I saw my cappuccino trickling out of the machine accompanied by a hiss of steam, frothed and handed to me with a little wooden stick and two packets of sugar.

And it was absolutely delicious - I've never savoured a cup so much as I wandered over the grass around the stalls and trees. Every sip was rich and gorgeous, and I spent a good deal of time sucking the little wooden stick. I've never enjoyed a cup of coffee more.

So if you're looking for a coffee van for your next event, please, please try and get hold of this guy. His web presence is very sparse, but I managed to find a few contact details here and here. You won't live to regret it.

The Stock Gaylard Oak Fair


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