Defending your android from hackers

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I have recently published many articles about how to hack android devices.
Many readers requested me to publish an article about defending android devices from malwares and hackers.

Defending your android

Follow below instructions to protect your android devices from hackers:--

1. Keep your device physically safe:- As many of attacks have illustrated, it is nearly
impossible to protect against from an attacker with physical
control of an android device.

2. Lock your device-- Use passwords to lock your device , never use 4 digit pin codes.
Remember to use atleast single symbol, number, character in password.

3. Avoid installing application from unknown sources- It is true that malicious applications are
available in the official android market too but
downloading applications from unknown sources keeps
your device more at risk.

4. Install security softwares-- Use online backup systems, incase your data is stolen or
corrupted you can restore your data. Use remote data wipe softwares
incase your device is stolen you can wipe all your private data.
Use remote lock software to lock your device remotely incase you
forgot to lock your device and you are far from your device.
Use GPS tracking via web; blocking incoming and outgoing calls and
SMS incase any malware try to send SMS from your device.
Use web protection and app protection softwares to protect
yourself from malwares. And remember to install an antivirus.

5. Enable full internal storage encryption system:-- Android 3.0 and later includes full system
encryption. I will recommend you to enable it now that will
protect your data from unauthorized access.

6. Update to latest version of android:-- You should do it regularly. Old versions of android
are very popular for being attacked by hackers.

Remember to not use default web browser of android which gets affected by threats easily.
Use third party browsers like- opera.

For more security tips and books, you can visit here


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