Desperate Housewives Season Four; Cheers; Married With Children Review

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I have reviewed three TV series, friends at a local Boston bar called "Cheers,' Married with Children which is a dysfunction family comedy, and Desperate Housewives which is a nighttime soap opera. I hope you enjoy these reviews and a the trip down memory lane.

Desperate Housewives Season Four (2007-2008)

Desperate Housewives Season Four (2007-2008)

The story is about the women how live on Wisteria Lane and what goes on in the daily life. These woman are desperate, beautiful, and though not rich, far from poor. However, each of these woman have areas in their lives where they are found wanting, they are desperate for men, desperate for money, desperate for recognition whatever each episode brings a new dilemma to overcome.

Main cast

Teri Hatcher - Susan Delfino Felicity Huffman - Lynette Scavo Maria Cross - Bree Hodge Eva Longoria Parker - Gabrielle Solis Nicollette Sheridan - Edie Britt

My thoughts

I enjoyed the series in the beginning but I have grown tired of the show. For me it has turned into an evening soap opera, and that is not my cup of tea. I love drama series but not when it becomes almost ridiculous, with dead people buried in the cellar, and strange happenings that are so far away from real life.

In this particular series there is a new couple coming to town and of course this couple has a past. Lynette has cancer and must deal with it. Attempted murder on the rafters and more smacks of Gabrielle all the way and more befall the inhabitants of Wisteria Lane.


Cheers the Complete Eight Season (1988-1989) - Cheers where everybody knows your name, is the Boston bar with unforgettable characters and fun for all.

Main Cast

Sam Malone - Ted Danson; Rebecca Howe - Kirstie Alley; Carla LeBec - Rhea Perlman ; Woody Boyd - Woody Harrelson ; Norm Peterson - George Wendt Cliff Clavin - John Ratzenberger


Comedy at its best in a Boston bar where staff are forever playing jokes on each other. Sam Malone, the bar owner, is a ladies man, who has pursued the manager Rebecca Howe ever since his break up with Diane. Kirstie finally succumbs to his manly charms until she meet a millionaire Robin Colport whom she is about to marry.

My thoughts

Rebecca comes across as very neurotic and though she claims to love Robin is it him that she loves, or the thought of his money? Robin eventually leaves and pretends the money is hidden in the bar and the gang go crazy trying to find it.

I love the series, I love how the characters interact with each other. Carla is my favorite character I love how bold and gutsy she is is. I found Frasier pretentious and much more lovable in his own show Frasier.

Married with Children The Complete Ninth Season ( 2008)

Married with Children The Complete Ninth Season ( 2008)

The Bundy family is America's favorite dysfunctional family. Al Bundy played by Ed O'Neill is your average unskilled worker shoe salesman who does not have a any hopes or aspirations. His wife Peggy played by Katie Segal is a lazy chain smoking sex starved woman who wouldn't know how to clean a house if her life depended upon it. Yet she wants Al's money so she can spend, spend, spend.

Bud, the son, spends his time chasing girls and bugging his not too bright sister, Kelly, played by Christina Applegate. The family is crude and rude and go on a Caribbean Cruise with their neighbors only to make a complete fool of themselves.

Don't miss the episode called driving Mr. Boondy, talk about a moral dilemma; Bud finds himself employed for the licensing bureau and must decide if he should allow his father to continue driving, in other words renew his license!
And of course can we forgot the big zit that threatened Kelly's future in a beer commercial or can we?

All in all the series is okay, I preferred the earlier seasons but still love the old show.

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Carol, great article. I watch Cheers and Married with Children often when they were on.

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