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Do you like travelling and tasting different kinds of food? Even in your own country do you look for restaurants with our countries food on the menu? İ do, because i love tasting different recipes and learning what other people eat all around the world..

Just a matter of interest and place.

Turkish kitchen is one of the richest kitchens in the world when it comes to variety. Coming to our day from the Ottoman times Turkey is famous with it's wonderful tasting food. İf you take a look at history it won't take you long to realize that Turkey is actually a harmony of people from many different countries living together for centuries. Ofcourse this had a huge affect on food. From mediterranean to eastern Turkey you can taste numerous types of food that are all different from each other. But does this stop me from tasting other countries food? Not at all. İ still want to know what other people eat all around the world mainly because i am so interested in different tastes. İ am not a food expert but having attended to an international school my class itself had students from 16 nationalities which caused me to grow more and more interested in other cultures and their food causing me to have experience more than most people. Here are some reviews:

You can't really taste all but having an idea is great

İ travel a lot and that's the main reason i taste a lot. But i consider this mainly as an interest because you might not always enjoy something that you haven't tasted once in your entire life. İt is someimes just beautiful as an experience because there are moments when i end up taking just a fork from the entire plate and leaving all the rest knowing that i can't eat it at all. First i want to share my ideas about İtalian food mainly because it's so famous all around the world:

İtalian, Chinese, İndian and Spanish

(1) İtalian food is so familiar to Turkish Mediterranean food and that's why i love it and did taste many of their recipes enjoying each and every one of them. Their main famous foods are pizza and types ofspaghettis. But other foods are really close to those of the mediterranean regions being so healthy and tasteful. One main ingredient they use is olive oil. So healthy and essential mainly in cooking vegetables. Pesto sauce, Tiramisu ( a wonderful dessert that i recommend everyone) pasta and so on. All are similar to Turkish tastes so i have no trouble tasting all of the kinds.
(2) Chinese food is another taste i have endless interest in. Noodles and rice of different types make me think that each are worth trying. Here in Turkey there are many Chinese restaurants but they don't sell cat or dog meat and those other kinds of different things that Chinese people love eating. They usually sell stuff like beef noodles and different types of chicken and rice; ones that we Turkish people can eat and not think twice before we order. İ love Chinese food aside from the endless sea animals they eat. They all taste lovely my favourite being the sweet chicken recipe.
(3) İndian food; an endless harmony of spices. You like curry? Then go for İndian recips. İ have to confess that aside from some of their recipes, mainly fried fish and some rice types, i didn't really enjoy most because they are so spicey and oily. İ am used to a limited amount of spice and oil.
(4)Spanish food is wonderful, yet again i tasted many different recipes and they are close to Turkish food tastes. Fish being very famous and cooked in different ways i did enjoy their tastes.

Turkish food and yummy tastes!

Who ever comes to Turkey never leaves without falling in love with Turkish food. From hollywood celebrities to presidents have always complimented the wonderful tastes they experienced here in Turkey. No matter where you are from Turkish food will attract you as well. Mainly because it is not too spicey, oily or weird. İt is just the essential food types that every person with different tastes can easily enjoy. İ strongly recommend; İskender, döner, kebap and baklava and classic Turkish coffee. İf i write down all of the food it will hardly ever fit here. But the moment you taste you will understand what i mean. Turkey is so rich in tastes each city nearly have their own traditional food! Hard to believe but true. So if you stop by here don't do the mistake of eating simple fast food; try our traditional food and you will be an addict in no time. Just make sure you eat it in the right place so that it's done properly.

Last but not least!

İ cannot and will not write all countries tastes because to be honest there are many i haven't tasted yet, and am looking forward to taste. İ just wanted to make a simple review and not to fill the whole space i have with endless ideas because food and recips are endless themselves. Each day many new recipes are formed. İ especially recommend who ever is reading this article to go and have the wonderful experiences themselves. Because reading about food you simply have an idea of it but you don't taste it. Wishing you a beautiful life..


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Very interesting article and well deserved star page.

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Hmmn ... you leave my taste buds to wonder.

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Wow, you make it all sound so tempting

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