Divergent: the Perception of the Future

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Choosing where you belong is important. What you choose, determines who you are!


In the midst of technological advancement, things will be soon put in the spotlight of uproar and commotion. And soon, everything will be wrecked. Recovery will not that easy as one click. It requires time for the people to think of the ways to start new beginning. Things that will keep peace in the society. One of the possible solutions might be clustering the community into many possible parties.
For make things easier, Veronica Roth has suggested five divisions that can be made. Test will find out where you belong.
Are you kind to be included in splinter group of Amity? Brave to become Dauntless? Do you value honesty to be enlisted in peer of Candor? Wise to be in Erudite? Selfless to shelter with Abnegation? Do you belong with one of those? Or more you are fit more than one mentioned? Then, you will be hunted. Because you are what they call DIVERGENT!
Veronica Roth had amusingly and hypothetically predicted the circumstances that will left to humanity after an unexpected pandemonium in the world in her sci-fi book, Divergent. She had also pointed out how things will work with the perpetual help of being classified yet organized nature of society and how to become different. She did not also eradicate the adverse effect of the powerful greediness of those who are well-informed or educated. But in spite of those chaoses, the importance of a family is shown by Veronica in her book.
Roth, in her book, described how the world turned out after a war. And as a result, wreckage and upheaval are all around. In her book, to make things in order and to keep peace, classification is the best solution. The five groups that are formed in her book are Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, Candor and Erudite. Every child who turned sixteen are obliged to choose what faction they want to be belong regardless of the result of the test given before the Choosing Ceremony. But if your test result gives inconclusive answer which may show that you are fit for two or more factions, you will be called as Divergent.
Divergents are hunted down by the leaders of the Erudite faction because of the hidden agenda they are planning to set in the new form of the world. To execute their plans, they controlled the soldier faction, Dauntless, by injecting chemicals on their body. But as Divergent, if you are included in that faction you will not be affected. That is why they kill those who are Divergent.
Beatrice Prior, the main character and classified as the Divergent, had stopped the plan of the Erudite who want to take over the running of the government.
Veronica Roth created a piece that worth pondering. Mind brooding and instructive world future perception.


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