Do You Remember Your Pre-internet Self?

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The internet has revolutionized the world. Most, if not all activities are now done on the fingertips. Can you go back to your pre-internet era?

Do You Remember Your Pre-internet Self?

Judging from the changes internet has made on people’s lives, going back to an internet-free world may seem like bringing down a sophisticated story building that has taken years to build. In America alone, over 85 per cent of the population uses the internet. On a global scale, the figure rises to 2.9 billion people using the internet. It is no doubt that technology has changed the way people interact with one another on a global scale, in measures that were not possible in the internetless era.
For many people, it has made communication damn easy. During snail mail era, people would wait for days, even weeks to for a letter to arrive by post. These days it is all instant. Businesses too, are not left behind. With the internet technology, it is now easier for business owners to connect directly with their customers and to manage their enterprises in real time. Major enterprises in the healthcare sector and others have adopted the use of online timecard software to manage their employees.
In the end, it is true that internet has truly revolutionized the way people work, share information, learn, and travel in unimaginable proportions. Think of going back to an era that is devoid of fun, entertainment, and convenience that people derive from smart phones and mobile devices? It is reminiscent of living in a jungle without any medicine. And what if you fall sick?
While it has made huge changes in people’s lives, and created many avenues that make it easy to connect and share, not everyone agrees with the internet. Many people still argue that internet leads to laziness, creates lack of attention, and is full of vices that spoil moral, spiritual, and cultural fabric. Many people quit facebook and twitter for such reasons.
However, can people do away with internet completely and go back to their old, pre-internet selves? It may be possible to shed off some aspects and branches of internet, but the world may find it difficult to retrogress to pre-internet era. Sometimes it is safe to argue that users are to blame for the ills associated with the internet. Each internet user should be responsible for whatever reason he or she uses the internet.
It boils down to an individual decision. It is true that people would not die because of lack of internet, but its absence may create a lot of sadness in the world. Broken relationships, lack of connection, slower processes, and back to snail methods of doing everything. To some extent, the internet has become like money that cannot buy happiness, but its absence creates unhappiness.


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