Does Facebook Benefit Us?

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This article argues about the benefits of using Facebook.

Facebook...brings only problems?

Since ten years ago, an internet search engine, Google had been dominating the entire internet world. But then, a seemingly hopeless dropout, Mark Zuckerberg established ‘Facebook’, and this internet embryo was initially growing in the United States, then it spread throughout the world. Yet, some feudalized countries, for example China restricted it. Now, the people around the world are argumentatively discussing a topic, that is, does Facebook really benefit us?

My opinion is, yes, Facebook does benefit us. Firstly, Facebook gets you connected with your family, friends and relatives. Due to its popularity, Facebook has become a useful tool for the people who are finding existing friends, lost family members and others. At last, you can coordinate and meet them. This clearly explains why Facebook is not only a faces’ book, but a human search engine which brings you accurate results, and the results are more detailed than Google, for example it shows you the phone number and address of the user.

Facebook is totally free to use. You need not paying a cent to get your Facebook account registered, activated and put in use. In case you manage your time wisely, Facebook is even classified as a ‘cheap entertainment’ that you just have to pay exactly what you pay monthly without Facebook – electric and internet bills. It’s neither like fishing, which you have to pay for hundreds of dollars to buy a fishing rod getting you started, nor like painting, which will cost you a monthly fee of around 50 dollars for replacing a broken paint brush or finished watercolour. Please always appreciate to God that we are such brilliant creatures as we use Facebook freely, unlike the Tourism Minister of Malaysia who didn’t know Facebook is free and paid a million ringgit (Malaysian currency) to the Facebook Company for nothing.

When people nowadays are talking about business, their mouths can’t be free from the word ‘Facebook’. Facebook is such a great opportunity for the businessmen to promote their products and develop their businesses that there are around 400 million daily active users around the world. Is selling outdated products in Malaysia irritating you? No problem! With geo-targeting feature, you are able to advertise your aged products in some underdeveloped countries where the citizens still perceive the products as ‘new’. Facebook exposes your products at affordable prices and so, Facebook is a super money machine for the businessmen.

Some people may say that Facebook is a waste of time. They think they hold a strong point that a lot of teenagers are addicted in playing Facebook and forget their responsibilities as children and students. Regarding this, I have the question for them, is that the Facebook’s problem? They’re just like saying ‘rice harms us as it causes obesity’, or ‘homework is dangerous because it’s the main reason why students get caned’. The issue of this situation is not Facebook, but the users themselves. My English teacher said that many things have moderate points, which I think is quite true. Even alcohol comes with benefits if we drink it in a limited manner, for example it reduces heart disease by increasing the performance of the circulatory system. It's the same for using Facebook; it starts becoming a waste of time, causing breakdown of family and reducing mouth-to-mouth communication with friends if and only if we exceed the limit of using Facebook.

Others may say that rumours, half-truths, hoaxes and untruths are throughout the internet, and the liveliest place to spread these is certainly Facebook. In this case, I don’t understand how they define ‘untruth’. Is the news pasted in the newspaper of Tunisia truths when the false democrat is still ruling the country with an iron grip? For example, a rumour spread by the New Straits Times several months ago, stating a member of Australia’s parliament, Nick Xenophon appeared to be anti-Islam, which is totally not true. Even though at last the apology made by the New Straits Times is finally accepted by Xenophon, it seems to be clearer how local newspapers are controlling. We are not living in a country with the freedom of the press like America, where all the right and wrong things done by the government are pasted and being read by all citizens in the nation. For example the popular local newspapers in the United States, New York Times always implies to the readers the real purpose of the war declared by the president of the United States in Iraq. If truths can’t be spread via the local media controlled by the government, Facebook seems to be the only way to expose the truths.

In conclusion, Facebook comes with more benefits than its cons if we use it with time management. Also, sometimes Facebook even comes with more truths than on the local newspapers which have been controlled by a strong force.


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