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This page is about DonkeyMails, a online reward prograamme/GPT site. This site like so many others, offers you the chance to earn money for your activities on there website.


DonkeyMails has now been around long enough to be called a established online wbsite. This site is a mix between a online rewards programme and a GPT site, and offers it's users, a chance to earn money.

There are now many ways to earn money online and in this tough economic time, many are trying to earn some extra cash online. The difference with DonkeyMails compared to other earning websites, is that it is fun to do. You are not likely to earn big money, so you can forget that but if you partake in DonkeyMails simple and enjoyable activities, then your earnings will start to add up.

DonkeyMails has been on the receiving end of some bad publicity and has had some negative feedback online, but this may be due to the business network that it is connected too. It seems there network is a little paranoid about people cheating there system, so you should always fill in your correct details when signing up because of this.

People have wrote online that after earning the money needed to cash out, they have not been paid, but instead received a message stating that they were not getting paid because they filled out there details incorrectly, it seems to be a common theme.


There are lots of fun ways to earn on DonkeyMails, you can watch videa's, surf the web or play games. You can complete easy jobs like Crowdflower tasks, and DonkeyMails will even pay you to receive and open emails. It is all very easy to do, and is the kind of thing most people do online in there spare time anyway.

DonkeyMails also has a good referral programme, so if you have a good social network following online, then you could make some money. All countries are free to join this site and it is completely free to join. When you have earned your money with this site, you can choose to have your money placed into your Paypal account, or you can choose from a range of different vouchers, including Amazon.


The fact that people have complained of not being paid, and the fact that Donkeymails has no community forum, is something to bear in mind when thinking of joining this site. I have used this site myself and I can honestly say is that they paid me, I did fill in my correct details when signing up and gave it a go, and it paid off for me.

I am not trying to say that others are lying, I am sure people have had problems with DonkeyMails, but for me everything was good. The truth is if you want to find out the complete truth about a website, the best way to do it, is to try it yourself.

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