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The zapping technology, first developed by Dr. Hulda Clark lead to innovation of Zappers, this article seeks to highlight the shade more light on what these zappers is and where to buy them.

what are Hulda Clark Zappers and do they really work?

Right now there is an hot discussion on the effectiveness of Hulda Clark zappers but studies have shown that they have the capability to kill microbes and parasites especially in water and in the body. Basically, ParaZapper products are electronic devices designed to kill microbes and parasites. Parasites are linked to causing many diseases including cancer.

Parasites are linked to causing many diseases including cancer. If left uncontrolled, the parasites grow and multiply at high speeds. This leads to reduction of nutrients in the body because the parasites feed on the food you consume and they also release substances that foster cancer growth and other illnesses. However, ParaZapper products have the ability to kill some of these parasites and prevent their negative effects on your body's health.

The Hulda Clark Zapper has been in use for many years despite the challenges they face with respect to their efficiency.

Parasites are some of the greatest enemies of our health but zappers can assist us to improve our health by killing these parasites. The ParaZapper products kill parasites, microbes, protozoa, bacteria and other micro-organisms hence allowing us to improve our immunity. ParaZapper products are designed differently to meet varied needs of users.

Frequency: There are different types of these devices with each having different frequencies. Para Zappers with more frequencies are better than those with less number of frequencies. Some of the types of ParaZappers with their number of frequencies are as follows: ParaZapper Std (2 frequencies), PLUS-2 (2 frequencies), CCI (9 frequencies), UZI (23 frequencies), CC2 (29 frequencies), UZI-3 (41 frequencies) and MY (80 frequencies). According to David, Etheredge, President parasystems, zappers with higher frequencies are recommended as they are accurate and kills fast.

Have a higher output and should be accompanied with a 9-volt output

It is very easy to use as the buttons are strategically located to enable you switch on and off the power and select the frequency you want

Long lasting battery that guarantees longer periods of use without recharging. In all but the STD, the device also has a red indicator which alerts the user when running out of charge.

If you are using these products for the first time then you are supposed to read the operation manual book first. This manual shows a step by step procedure on how to operate the devices.

As a basic rule when using these products, it is necessary that you follow the instructions carefully so as not to kill beneficial bacteria. For instance, you are recommended to eat only vegetables, fresh fruits, buttermilk and probiotics before, during and after zapping. It is also important to drink a lot of water before, during and after zapping so as to get rid of toxins from the body.

Want to buy Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper? There seems to be a lot of sites selling this product such as http://www.hulda-clark-parasite-zapper.com,paradevices.com, parazapper.com, hulda-clark-quack.com, best-zapper.com, but the best place to buy ParaZapper products appears to be huldaclarkparazapper.com, the Hulda Clark Zapper site.


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