Dr. Phil Interviews man with Infantilism fetish

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This is a review of the Dr. Phil show today in which he interviews a grown man with a fetish for wearing diapers and behaving like a baby along with another interview of a woman who has an extreme fear of driving or being a passenger in a car.

What is Infantilism?

Bret who has what is called infantilism behavior/fetish appeared on Dr Phil today. He is a young man in his mid 20’s, yet he wears diapers 24/7. His girlfriend, nicknamed “Cat,” changes his soiled diapers, feeds him in a high chair, cleans his spit up, and, plays with him like an 18 month old baby. Bret sleeps in a crib and wears baby clothes. He says that being a baby makes him feel loved and safe.

Bret appears normal to people on the outside

He works at a chain store and is a college graduate with a degree in business management. However, Bret would rather live like a baby if he did not have to work. He is happy with his girlfriend taking care of him when he gets home from work. Bret calls her Mommy and Cat feeds him baby food in his high chair, cleans him up after he messes his diapers, talks to him in baby talk and plays with him like she would a baby.

Bret says he is not appearing on Dr. Phil because he wants to change but to raise awareness about this type of fetish. He claims he loves his girlfriend yet she has to put up with this kind of behavior. Bret has no sex drive whatsoever but claims he is not gay and he is not a pedophile. When Dr. Phil asks him if he enjoys playing the role of a baby he says that it is not a role. He went on to say that he actually feels like he is a baby and the role playing is when he has to act like an adult at work or out in public.

Bret says he has no desire to change

Dr. Phil says that there are numerous treatments for all kinds of behavior problems but you have to have motivation and want to change the undesirable behavior. Since Bret has no desire to change Dr. Phil asks his girl friend Cat what she wants.

Cat says that she eventually wants a family of her own but she can’t continue to take care of Bret and she is afraid that he might be jealous of any children they have. Bret claims to love Cat more than anything in the world and claims that he will try to tone down his behavior so that they can get married. Dr. Phil warns Cat that Bret may not be able to tone down his behavior unless he has the motivation to do so and unless he seeks professional help.

Cat has not told her Dad about Bret’s behavior yet! Dr. Phil gets them both ready for a meeting with her Dad by telling them what to expect. Dr. Phil says that any normal father would want their daughter to have a healthy partner who will meet her at the same level, contribute to the relationship and help her develop. Dr. Phil sees this relationship as all one sided and believes that her father would be very upset to know that her daughter is feeding her boyfriend baby food in a high chair, changing his diapers, cleaning spit up and watching Goo Goo videos. Dr. Phil went on to say that she needs someone who can stimulate her to grow as a person, lead and act like a responsible adult.

Next Dr. Phil interviews Robin who fears being a passenger in a car

When Robin is a passenger in a car she starts getting nauseous, breathing heavily, her pants get soaking wet, and she starts grabbing for the trip handles. Dr. Phil calls this anticipatory anxiety which is the worst kind of anxiety one can experience. Dr. Phil adds that Mom’s should never say to their children: “Wait until your father comes home!” Robin feels like she is in a weapon that is just going to shoot her down the road.

Her husband might be part of the problem

Her husband used to drive too fast and tail gate. Plus, he gets mad at her when she experiences these anxiety symptoms. Dr. Phil says that he needs to stop getting mad because she can’t help it and that this has become involuntary for her. Dr. Phil says to robin that you go from A to Z automatically in your mind and as soon as you get in the car you feel like you are already at Z which is where you feel you are ready to crash. She says that if her husband is in traffic where the cars are bumper to bumper her whole body starts shaking and she starts to vomit but swallows her vomit so does not upset husband.

Dr. Phil asks Robin what she wants to happen here today. She says that she does not want to live with this anxiety anymore. Her husband says “If we can get into the car without knowing that we will get into a fight that would be progress.” This fear has affected Robin when she drives by herself too. She had to go visit clients but after getting on the freeway she started feeling extreme anxiety, felt tacky and sweaty. When she arrived at the client’s home, who happened to be a doctor, he took her blood pressure and it was high.

Where the problem phobia stems from

She was married before and her exe would ram into people if they didn’t turn on time. One time she had burns all over her legs from him stopping so fast when she was holding hot coffee. Dr. Phil says that the good news is this is a combination of PTSD and phobia. There is a flashing back to the previous trauma that she keeps going back to. She has a phobia that she can’t talk herself out of. Dr. Phil says that many times we should have fear, but, if it is disproportionate to what is happening then it is more of a phobia or becomes a phobia. Dr. Phil repeats to her husband, “This is involuntary and she can’t control it, so stop yelling at her. You are getting angry about something that she can’t help. Sounds to me like hubby may have anger issues too.

Dr. Phil says that there is a very systematic desensitization program they can put her on, and, with most phobias the resolution occurs in a matter of weeks. We ease you into it until you get to point where you can actually do it and not be upset.

To add my own thoughts about the Dr. Phil show. I am very pleased with the way Dr. Phil wants to help people. His staff actually reads though all the email and letters they get. Then they make suggestions to him as to who to help next. I truly believe he is helping more people than any talk show host in America! I admire his candor, his straightforwardness and love for mankind.

I have no connection with the Dr. Phil show and am not being compensated for this review!


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author avatar ittech
10th Mar 2012 (#)

Great write, really enjoyed my read.

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author avatar Denise O
10th Mar 2012 (#)

I can relate to the lady with the riding in the car phobia. I do not get as bad as her but, most of the time it is because, I have my eyes closed. My husband is very sensitive to this though, unlike this lady's husband. My fear stems from a car wreck I was in (driving) where a man hit me head on, spun me around and then two cars slammed into me, coming both ways. I get all panicky especially when we are on the bypass and he goes by semi's. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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