Drowning in Email? Then Possibly SaneBox will be your E-mail Saviour!

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Are you drowning in email - I know that I was until finding SaneBox a software solution that works with my email service to bring back sanity to my email box. The truth is we all use email and we all love to subscribe to services, many of which provide good information but they do not help us survive the day, for that we need to regain control of our mailbox and bring back sanity.

Email Madness

Junk mail and Spam are not the worst enemy for your mailbox, we merely think they are - most of us have spam filters in place that been working so well that the only time we think about them is when we are searching for a missing email it is at this point we scan the spam folders in the hope that it went there by mistake.

Truth is the majority of us have signed up on a great many web sites for particular services that we either use or have used in the past, from time to these services send us updates, most of which are simply a reminder that they still exist, yet at other times they do send us vital information about your status that you need to do something about. Trouble is in signing up for things we are interested in we have become our email Inbox's worst enemy, because today most of us are getting swamped by messages from Twitter, Facebook, or the other couple of dozen services we have signed up for, some we use all the time, others only rarely, but these emails are sometimes necessary but each contributes to email clutter in our Inbox and this is where SaneBox becomes your saviour.

Weeding out The Clutter

How much time do you actually spend tidying up your email? We can agree it is probably too much and this is why I have a private email that only selected people, that only my closest family, friends, and colleagues know of yet the truth is my public email address is still important and receives relevant and significant items daily, the problem with that account is that all too often necessary items are swamped by the mundane, so I have spent many, many hours cleaning up the junk.

Many people receive over 400 emails per day, the majority being meaningless items that clutter their mailbox and these have a tendency to simply continue growing hour by hour, it is all too easy to be snowed under and feel overwhelmed, if you are fighting the mess yourself then chances are you have set aside time just to remove this clutter, perhaps looking at each item and deciding whether to keep it or bin it, perhaps you have taken to highlighting pages and quickly scanning through to see if anything is worth saving before consigning the batch to the bin.

Enter SaneBox

SaneBox is able to analyse your mail as it enters your Inbox, any of the mundane is filtered out and placed in a mailbox folder called 'Sane Later' and SaneBox places the mail items it considers as unimportant in there. During the first couple of weeks using the product you do need to regularly look at the 'Sane Later' folder and see if there is anything in it that should be in your main Inbox, if there is then simply move it to the Inbox and SaneBox learns that this is necessary for you, take something from Your Inbox and move it to 'Sane Later' and SaneBox also learns from your actions, provided you take a little time to teach it the software will learn the things that are important to you.

SaneBox works directly with your mailbox, in my case gmail, and will assign all incoming mail programmatically to the right place, the program's algorithms determine the importance of each email and moves those messages deemed as unimportant out of the Inbox into a separate folder, and will summarize them for you. It also has the capability to ensure you never an email from a specific sender again, ever.

Overall SaneBox reduces the pain that modern email management has become.

Training the Software

It is important to spend time going both through your Inbox and your 'Sane Later' folder and moving the things that are incorrectly positioned into the right place, this is the way that the software learns your preferences, but within a few days SaneBox will have gotten the mix right; remember your Inbox should only have the communications that need your most urgent attention within it and getting the mix right certainly helps your sanity.

The purpose of the 'Sane Later' folder is to allow you to work through those items at your leisure, perhaps you do not have time for them today - well then simply highlight them all and delete them, you will probably feel happier about doing this once you have the software trained because you will know that these emails no longer hide important things.

The Costs

One thing that is always important with any new product is cost, and by talking about money you should be aware there are no free options, other than for the duration of a trial period, but the cost is reasonable and I like the way the company compares costs to snacks or lunch.

I have signed up for the cheapest of the options, the snack subscription, which I have found to be both reasonably costed but also solving the majority of my email problems

Options you can use

There are many folders that you have the option to use, these include the following:

Sane News
Emails held here are newsletter type emails that you can take time to read when time permits.

Sane Bulk
This folder is designed for "receipt type" emails that you should only need for future reference, personally I have retained a receipts folder for many years that these are manually moved to.

Sane Archive
SaneBox will process the most recent 5000 emails from your Inbox, all older emails are moved to 'Sane Archive', but it is important to note that emails that have at some time been flagged will not be automatically archived.

Sane Black Hole
When you place an email into 'Sane Black Hole', all current and future emails from that sender will be sent directly into your Trash mailbox.

Sane Tomorrow and Sane Next Week
Move an email into 'Sane Tomorrow' and the item will pop it back into your Inbox when you need to deal with it e.g. tomorrow, between now and then, it will disappear from your Inbox and only appear in the 'Sane Tomorrow' folder, thus eliminating an unnecessary distraction to your work day. 'Sane Next Week' works in the same way except an email is delayed until Monday.


I have been using SaneBox only for a few weeks but I have already discovered many of its benefits. It reduced my personal Inbox from several thousand emails to just under two hundred and going through my 'Sane Later' folder I have found several items that were initially placed in the wrong location, but it has allowed me to start to clear out the clutter with confidence.

After a few days of using the product I did notice that there were many newsletter items left within my 'Sane Later' folder, so I activated the 'Sane News' folder and have been trying to train SaneBox on the difference between the two, so far this has taken a little longer than I had hoped, because there are too many things in the 'Sane News' that I do not consider to be news items, but it is learning and as with all things new it takes a little time to get used to the quirks of the technology, we are currently both learning.

Also it is important to note that I use SaneBox capabilities from within Outlook, my mailbox application of preference and the folders are present exactly as they are if I were to be using Gmail from the web application. I also have access to these via my Android phone using the K9 mail application.

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