ESO launch and first 12 levels.

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My impressions of the early access and the initial leveling process.

Elder Scrolls Online Early Access

Well the 5 day Early Access has come and gone, we are approaching the official release date for Elder Scrolls Online. I have had a fairly decent amount of experience with the first 13 levels due to the beta weekends leading up to the Early Access. I felt that the leveling process in the beta was slow and painful and was hoping to see a more fluid system when the game went live. Unfortunately I am still finding the leveling extremely painful. The only individuals that I know that have been speeding through it are the people who have played the public test server and have already leveled a character to max level. Now, I know that the intent of an elder scrolls game isn't to speed to max level it is to enjoy the game as you go. The problem with that formula with ESO is that the quests are not revolutionary in any way (its go kill this, click on that, gather this) and the force you to painfully listen through dialogue that you could generally care less about. For those who love that type of thing this is the perfect game. Another difficult part is that quests become more and more an issue of stumbling upon quest givers. This would be alright (I didn't mind it so much in GW2) but the quest experience for long quest chains is often less than stellar. They also just recently nerfed the experience for public dungeons and instanced dungeons into the ground (my favorite parts of MMO's most of the time). This basically makes running these dungeons somewhat pointless, except for the skill point you get when you complete it the first time.

Crafting is also a bit tedious and painful. I am a huge crafting nerd and spend a lot of time in games crafting. Now the actual crafting process is awesome, except for the lack of automation when crafting multiple items (but thats more of a quality of life thing). The problem is you really HAVE to craft as you level, otherwise you level out of the crafting mats that you can use versus what you can gather. Now again for most thats not a big problem but it does slow down the leveling process significantly (especially considering crafting doesn't contribute to your overall level at all).

Cyrodill is something else that seems like a huge miss. When I played in the beta's it was literally the most fun part of the game. Now that the masses have entered the game and Zenimax has changed the significant repeatable quest (kill 20 players) to a daily quest there is really no reason to go in there pre-50 Veteran rank 10. This was a massive let down for me. I planned to spend a lot of time in Cyrodill to break up the mind numbing pace of leveling. The campaign that I am in currently has no fighting going on and one faction (the actual faction I am a part of) controls the entire map.

The real thing is because I spent my hard earned cash on the game I feel like I need to get a character to max level. Im also told that the game gets a lot more interesting after level 20 but honestly who wants to invest 20 tedious and long levels before a game gets fun. Here's hoping the game takes a turn for the better because right now its going to be a 30 days and run kind of thing.


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